Department of Faculty of Theology

Systematic Theology

HoD: Dr. Rajesh Kavalackal, CMI



Vision: The Church is ever revitalized and reformed through the firm faith nurtured by a mature. Understanding of the Word of God as revealed and proclaimed for the salvation in the human context.

Objectives: To promote systematic, critical and contextualized theological reflection through research and studies for effective proclamation of the Word of God in globalized society, especially in the Asian and Indian contexts.

  • To train personnel in the on-going quest for effective leadership and guidance in the Church in her various ministries.
  • To prepare personnel for teaching theology in seminaries, theological institutes, Church-renewal centres, and other areas of teaching and shepherding ministry in the Church.
  • Enabling and enhancing the upcoming generations for pastoral and teaching ministries by a contextualized, comprehensive and contemporary synthesis of various theological disciplines.

Principal Courses

  • Eastern Orientations and Perspectives (General Course)    
  • History of Theology: Second Vatican and Post conciliar Theological development (General Course)
  • The Trinity and Mission                     
  • Challenges and Prospects of Evangelization in India    
  • Problems and Prospects of Indian Ecclesiology        
  • Trends and Prospects in Pneumatology            
  • Cotemporary Trends and Prospects in Christology    
  • Art and Theology                     
  • FABC Document and Church in Asia            
  • Anthroplogical Perspective of Gaudiumetspes    
  • Christian Revelation and Global Religion        
  • Theology of Inter religious dialogue        
  • Mariology                    
  • New Trends in Ecumenism
  • Alexandrian and Anthiochean Christology
  • New Perspectives in the Doctrine of Trinity        
  • New Horizons in Sacramental Theology            
  • Contextual Theology                    
  • Modern Trends in the Eucharistic Theology        


PROGRAMME 2019-2020


Biblical Greek

Sebastian Mullooparambil


Sebastian Payyappilly


Geo Pallikunnel

Eastern Theology

Thomas Kollamparampil


Jose Kizhakkekuttu

Theology of Inter-religious Dialogue

Shinto Puthumattathil

New Trinitarian Perspectives

Devasiachan Mukulathu

Contemporary Trends in Ecumenism

Kuncheria Pathil

Eucharistic Theology

Issac Arickappilly




History of Theology

Shaji George Kochuthara

Dalit Theology


Revelation and Faith and Religions

Mathew  Vekathananm

Antiochean Christology

Sebastian Athappilly


 Other Requirements

First Year

  • Two Tutorials
  • Seminar
  • Research Paper
  • Research Sources and Methodology


  • Introduction to Library
  • Ancient Hebrew
  • Ancient Syriac (Optional)

Second Year

  • Seminar
  • LTh Thesis & Defense
  • Comprehensive Viva Voce Examination


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