Department of Faculty of Theology

Rural and Socila Exposure Programme

Director: Dr. Rajesh Kavalackal, CMI


This programme aims at initiating the students into systematic, critical and creative theological reflection in the actual Indian context of villages. The soul of India is in her villages where almost 80% of our people live. A contextualized and praxis-oriented theology can originate only from an existential encounter with the concrete life situation of the people. Direct observation and personal participation in the life of the people combined with deeper theological study under competent guidance are the main characteristics of this programme.

Every student has to take up this programme once during the second year theology course. It consists of village exposure and field-work for about one week and a research paper with a minimum of 6000 words and a maximum of 7500 words.  

This programme is for the II BTh students, which is usually conducted at the end of second semester. A research paper based on this programme has to be submitted to the Director in the first week of the III BTh.

  • The Research Paper may be written in any branch of theology. The following are some of the possible areas of this programme.
  • Indian Religions in their actual village context: their philosophical, religious, ritual or moral aspects
  • Popular and Tribal Religions in their actual setting.
  • Traditions and folklores of peoples: historical, cultural and theological investigations
  • Social structures of Indian villages and the question of social justice
  • Liberation movements and action groups in Indian villages
  • Non-formal education and liberation of Indian women

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