Department of Faculty of Theology


HoD: Prof. Dr. Paulachan Kochappilly, CMI



  • To study, teach and promote biblical and ecclesial perspective on evaneglizing mission.
  • To do missiology focusing on religious pluralism, cultural diversity, economic poverty and ecological concerns.
  • To develop a mission theology from the perspectives of subaltern groups, ecumenical fellowship and inter-faith relations.
  • To prepare personnel for teaching theology in seminaries and theological institutes and guiding the evangelization works in India especially in North India.
  • To promote study and research in the field of evangelization in the real contexts of Mission through exposure-immersion, experience-reflection and interpretation-action.
  • The First Year classes shall be conducted at DVK, Bangalore, the third semester at Samanvaya, Rishikesh and the final semester at Samanvaya, Bhopal.

Principal Courses

  • Biblical Foundations for Mission
  • Missionary Life of St Paul
  • Prophetic Mission
  • Developments of Evangelization through the Church Documents
  • History of Mission in India
  • f)Canon Law on Mission
  • Eastern Christian Perspective of Mission
  • Tools for Contextual Analysis of Mission
  • Mary as Model for Mission
  • Missionary Spirituality
  • Holy Spirit and Mission
  • Theology of Religions
  • Mysticism and Mission
  • Missiography: Prospects and Challenges
  • Models of Missions

Optional Courses

  • Asian face of Jesus
  • Contemporary Questions in Indian Mission
  • Theology of Inculturation and Mission
  • Indian Christian Theology and Mission
  • Celebration as Mission
  • Missionary Catechetics
  • Liberation Theologies
  • Feminist Theology
  • New Trends in Ecumenism
  • 1Mission in the Asian Context
  • Indian Christian Art and Spirituality
  • Media and Mission
  • A Christian Response to Globalization and Villagism


  • Conversion in the Multi-Religious Context
  • Family the Primary Field of Mission
  • Ashram Way of Life in Doing Mission
  • Local Church in the Multi-Religious Context


  • Pilgrimage to Different Centres of Religions
  • Live-in Experience of Christian and Hindu Ashrams
  • Exposures to the Socio-Religious Context of North India


PROGRAMME 2019-2020


Biblical Greek

Sebastian Mullooparambil


Sebastian Payyappilly


Geo Pallikunnel

Eastern Theology

Thomas Kollamparampil

Sharing of Christian Life: Perspectives (Contextual and Textual Studies)

Paulachan Kochappilly

Interreligious Dialogue and Evangelization

Beena Therese

Catechesis and Evangelization in India

Anto Amarnad

Seminar: Family as the Primary Field of Evangelization

Paulachan Kochappilly


History of Theology

Shaji George Kochuthara

Prophets and Mission in the Old Testament

Joy Philip Kakkanattu

Holy Spirit and Mission


Revelation and Evangelization

Shinto Puthumattam

Contextual Theology

Jacob Parapally

Eastern Perspective of Mission

Paulachan Kochappilly


Theology of Mission for Today’ by David J.Bosch;
Constant in Context:A Theology of Mission for Today by Stephen V.Bevans & Roger P.Schroeder;
Foundations of Missiology and The Ascepts of Mission in II Vatican and in Church Documents Ad Gentes, Evangelii Nuntianti, Redemptoris Missio etc.

Review of Literature
Reviewing of the contemporary articles and books on Mission are also included in the requirements.

Visit to the Mission Theologates and Mission Contexts
Visit to the Samanvaya Theology College (Extensions of DVK) at Rishikesh, Kolchoor and Bhopal for a practical and experiential study of Missiology.There will be also the possibility to study under the experts like Prof. Dr. Anto Korakaran, CMI (expert in Missiology:Western Missionary Attitude towards Indian Religions)and with Prof.Dr.Thomas Kochumuttom, CMI (at Jaiharikal)on the Inter Religious Spirituality and Dialogue;Mission and Ashram Life.

Research Paper (I Year)

Dissertation (II Year)



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