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In June 1992, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, in response to the requests of Bishops and Major Superiors, started a one-year Diploma Programme to prepare formation personnel of various dioceses/eparchies and religious congregations.The major thrust of the programme is ‘to train competent formators and counsellors’, who could foster growth and wholeness in themselves as well as all those who are entrusted to their care. The Congregation for Catholic Education (CCE), Rome, in accord with the Statutes of DVK, approved the Master of Arts (MA) in Formative Spirituality and Counselling on 12 December 2003 (Prot. N. 946/2000). In 2010, the Congregation approved the revised programme of MA in Formative Spirituality and Counselling of Vinayasadhana Institute and granted permission to confer Licentiate in Formative Spirituality and Counselling (L.Th) to those who are eligible for the degree (Prot. N. 946/2000).In October 2019, Vinayasadhana Institute petitioned to be established as an Ecclesiastical Institute ad instar Facultatis incorporated to the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Athenaeum, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram (VG, Art. 64, “Norms,” Art. 6), in order to develop studies in psycho-spiritual integration using interdisciplinary approach to spiritual formation (VG, Foreword, 4/5; Art. 66).Accordingly, Vinayasadhana Institute has the following aims:

  1. To develop research studies in the field of Christian formation with a thrust on integrating the spiritual patrimony of both the Catholic and Indian traditions through the search for correct and effective inculturation of the faith, and with a clear foundation on the Gospel values.
  2. To study important and relevant issues in the field of formation and to carry out scientific researches on holistic formation milieu in the Church.
  3. To develop research and integrated training and skills in the area of psycho-spiritual counselling.
  4. To develop research on effective formation programmes relevant for contemporary times which could be useful for training Christian leaders and for enhancing Christian community life.
  5. To provide knowledge and skills useful in training competent and effective formators and counsellors for houses of formation of institutes of consecrated life and Eparchies.

Vinayasadhana Instituteoffers (i) Licentiate in Formative Spirituality and Counselling (L.Th), (ii) Master of Arts in Formative Spirituality and Counselling (MA),and (iii) Diploma in Formative Spirituality and Counselling.

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