Department of Faculty of Philosophy

Master of Philosophy(MPhil)

Programme Director: Prof. Dr. Wilson Edattukaran, CMI



MPhil in Philosophy is a one year pre-doctoral programme offered to students coming from a non-philosophic academic background. The basic eligibility to apply for MPhil degree is a master’s degree in any other discipline. This degree programme is offered as a pre-doctoral programme for those students who do not yet have training in systematic philosophy, but are interested in pursuing research in philosophy with their postgraduate or research background in some other allied disciplines.


Duration and Structure of the Programme: The MPhil programme is of one year (two semester) duration. A student has to acquire 32 credits during the one year programme, of which the compulsory courses, seminar, and tutorial shall be completed by joining the Licentiate in Philosophy offered by the same Faculty of Philosophy. Those candidates who successfully complete the requirements will be awarded MPhil in Philosophy.

The faculty may prescribe additional course work of a longer duration for students whose philosophical background is deficient. If needed, the additional work shall be recommended by the Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) and decided in the Faculty Council.


Course Structure


Type of Course


Six Compulsory Courses(Attended along with Licentiate in Philosophy)


One Seminar


One Tutorial


Research Methodology


Thesis and Public Defence


Total Credits


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