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Licentiate in Philosophy(LPh)

Programme Director: Dr. Parecattil Jojo, CMI


The two-year (four semesters) Licentiate in Philosophy, offered at the Faculty of Philosophy, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, provides a comprehensive and contemporary synthesis of various philosophical disciplines, and a unique opportunity to specialize in a particular area of philosophy.


The objectives of the Licentiate in Philosophy are to train the students in scientific research and to prepare them to teach philosophy in centres of higher education (including seminaries), and also to perform functions that demand higher philosophical competence. The Licentiate in Philosophy consists, therefore, of lectures, tutorial courses, seminars, written assignments, practical exercises and a scientifically prepared thesis. It offers the students ample opportunities for personal study and research under the guidance of competent teachers, and for writing and presenting the fruits of philosophical research. The Licentiate in Philosophy that is granted at the end of the successful completion of this programme qualifies the student for admission to a Doctorate in Philosophy in all Ecclesiastical Faculties in Philosophy all over the world; it is also recognized by universities abroad.

Areas of Specialization

  1. Western Philosophy
  2. Indian Philosophy
  3. East-West Philosophical Studies
  4. Contemporary Psychological Trends: East and West
  5. Interreligious Studies

The Programme

The Licentiate in Philosophy consists of the following components:

  1. Fifteen compulsory courses  (5 each in 3 Semesters)
  2. Three Optional courses (fourth semester)
  3. Two Tutorials  (first and second semesters)
  4. Two Seminars (first and third semesters)
  5. Course on Research Methodology
  6. One Research Paper (not exceeding 6,000 words), in the field of specialization, at the end of the second semester.
  7. Comprehensive Viva Voce Examination
  8. One thesis (not exceeding 60,000 words) in the field of specialization and defence, at the end of the fourth semester.
  9. A working knowledge of one of the classical languages, viz., Sanskrit, Latin, or Greek, and one modern language, viz., German, French or Italian.

Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) and LPh Programme Director

  1. There shall be a Board of Postgraduate Studies consisting of Dean (ex-officio) and two members elected by the Philosophy Faculty Council for a term of three years. The Dean shall be the Chairperson of this Board.This board elects one of them as LPh programme Director who will be directly in charge of the whole LPh Programme.
  2. The Programme Director submits to the Board for approval the scheme of the Courses and the name of the teachers.He prepares the timetable of the Licentiate classes and sees to the efficient conducting of the courses.
  3. The Programme Director is to be included in the session for the finalization of the marks of licentiate students.
  4. The Programme Director periodically meets the students individually and in common to discuss matters concerning their studies and the timely progress.
  5. The DVK office regularly informs the Programme Director concerning registrations, marks, as well as other relevant matters.

Requirements for Admission

Licentiate Programme in Philosophy is open to candidates who have secured a high second class in the BPh degree of this faculty, or a BA in Philosophyfrom other Faculties or Institutes recognized by the Athenaeum.  A graduate with a second class in any subject who has creditably passed the Diploma in Philosophy of this faculty is also eligible to apply for Licentiate Programme in Philosophy. Those who hold BTh degree from any theological faculty in India or abroad, which presupposes regular philosophical training according to the seminary system, is also considered eligible provided they pass an entrance test. Students with a two year Diploma in Philosophy from an ecclesiastical institute may be admitted to a Pre-Licentiate programme of one year and at the successful completion of the programme may be admitted to LPh Programme.

Registration: Registration for the Licentiate Programme in Philosophy can be done at the beginning of any semester, June or November.  


  1. Except for tutorials and seminars the evaluation shall be a written examination of 2 hours or a viva voce examination for about 20 minutes, along with a scientifically written paper as prescribed by the professor and its presentation and discussion in the class under the supervision of the professor concerned.
  2. A comprehensive viva voce examination, based on the compulsory courses, is held at the end of the fourth semester.
  3. In organizing and conducting their studies, the students shall consult the Programme Director of Licentiate.


Two tutorials, preferably from the area of specialization, should be done in the first two semesters.  A student may, however, take only one tutorial course in an academic year with any particular professor and is to be completed within the same academic year. The choice of the professor and theme for tutorial are to be approved by the Programme Director.

The primary aim of tutorials is academic formation. Emphasis is laid on personal work, originality and the ability to grasp and communicate ideas. The tutorials are to be conducted as follows: The students shall select the tutor, and the theme of the tutorial with the approval of the tutor. Reading assignments are given by the tutorin advance to the student, and in due course, meetings are held between the student and the tutor for which written papers may also be assigned. Three sessions of 30-minutes are required for each tutorial course. The result of the evaluation is submitted by the Director to the Controller of Examinations.


The seminars should be all in common for which inter-departmental themes are assigned.  It shall be the forum for the licentiate students to come together for exchange of ideas and discussion on relevant philosophical and related topics.

When assessing the seminars, the following points will be taken into account: (i) attendance, (ii) written paper with its methodological completion and thematic originality, (iii) presentation in the group, and (iv) overall participation.

Research Paper

The student has to write a Research Paper, in the area of specialization, at the end of the second semester. The Research Paper is intended to help the students to acquaint themselves with their area of specialisation and scientific methodology of academic research.  The student selects the theme and the director of the Research Paper, from among the faculty members, with the approval of the Programme Director.  The Research Paper has to be registered at the DVK office in the beginning of the second semester.


  1. Registration for the thesis shall be done before the end of the second semester of the licentiate course.
  2. Student selects the theme and a guide from among the members of the faculty for his/her thesis in consultation with the approval of the Programme Director.
  3. A thesis proposal (as per the prescribed format) has to be submitted, within two months of the beginning of the third semester, to the Programme Director for the approval of BPS. For the approval session of the thesis, the thesis director should also be invited. The proposal shall include a thesis statement, relevance of the theme, sources, methodology, titles and an outline of chapters, and a working bibliography.
  4. The thesis should be submitted latest one month before the end of the fourth semester.
  5. The Thesis should be typewritten.  The format prescribed by the DVK must be followed.  Five bound copies of the thesis are to be submitted to the DVK office.  
  6. Examination on the thesis is conducted in the presence of three examiners who are appointed by the Controller of Examinations, in consultation with the Programme Director.  It may take at least one month for the examination on the thesis after it has been submitted.
  7. The examination on the thesis shall have the duration of one hour, which shall be equally divided among the student (for presentation) and the three examiners. The written thesis carries 50 percent marks and the defence of the same carries 50 percent.


The duration of four semesters (two years) required for Licentiate Programme shall be strictly followed and an extension shall be granted by the Dean in consultation with the BPS only in legitimate cases. In case of extension, the student is required to make the full payment of fees for the extended academic year.

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