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The great visionary who planned and started Dharmaram Campus, late Bishop Jonas Thaliath of happy memories, had a vision of harmony of life as the foundational source as well as the goal of Christian mission. In tune with this vision, he had masterminded Dharmaram in such a way that nature was nurtured all through her existence and mission. As the Faculty of Philosophy has evolved out of the pioneering vision of Bishop Jonas, during the celebration of the silver jubilee of the Faculty of Philosophy (2009), the Centre for Environmental Studies was established under the Faculty of Philosophy. CES offers various programmes to the academic fraternity of DVK as well as to the public with a focus on conscientizing all on the importance of nature and the need to protect and enhance the environment. CES offers an annual lecture series, titled “Paul Wiegelmann Annual Lecture on Environmental Studies,” by a renowned scholar or activist from the field of ethics or environmental studies and publishes its proceedings in the form of a book.

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