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Centre for Science and Religion, established to promote constructive dialogue between religionists and scientists, is DVK’s response and contribution towards the Catholic Church’s proclamation of the year of Faith in 2012-2013.The Centre delves deep into the dynamics of faith and reason and tries to integrate the positive contributions of religion and science. Religion as a meaning giving mechanism and science as a life facilitating mechanism can come together to eliminate the ills of the society such as illiteracy, hunger, poverty, malnutrition, diseases and to enhance ecological awareness, human equality and can, thus, strive for a peaceful and harmonious global culture. The Centre offers, certificate and diploma programmes,camps,endowment lectures,and publication of books on science and religion,aiming at the target groups such as school children,youth,religious leaders,and scientists,along with the students of DVK, so that a culture of understanding and integration can be fostered.Illustrious thinkers like His Holiness Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra were the former speakers for the Science and Religion Endowment Lectures at DVK

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