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Dr. Kochalumkal Peter, CMI

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Date and Place of Birth


Elanji, Kerala


Dharmaram College, Bengaluru




Doctoral Dissertation

The Indivisibility of Suffering and Joy in the Christian Life According to the Sermons of John Cardinal Newman

Present Status

Assistant Professor

Master of Students







St Thomas Aquinas University, Rome




St Thomas Aquinas University, Rome




Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram




Darsana, Bhopal





Registrar, Lecturer

Gujarat Vidya Deep, Ahmedabad



Gujarat Vidya Deep, Baroda



Jnana-Deepa, Vidyapeeth, Pune



Samanvaya Theology College, Bhopal


Books English: 

  1. The Indivisibility of Suffering and Joy According to the Sermons of John Cardinal Newman, Rome: St Thomas Aquinas University, 2001.
  2. Lord, I pray (A Practical Approach to Private Prayer), Indore: Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra, 2002.
  3. Suffering and Joy: Interpretation by Cardinal Newman, Bangalore: DharmaramPublications, 2003.
  4. Spirituality of Human Brokenness(Vol. I), Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2007.
  5. Spirituality of Human Brokenness(Vol. II):Existential Challenges of Characters of the Bible (Sophia Edition), Sophia Books, Malapparamba, Kozhikode, 2013

Books Malayalam:

  1. Golden Rays: Christian Interpretation of the Characters of Classics, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 1991.
  2. Christian Interpretation of the Characters of Tolstoy, Kottayam: Deepika Publications, 1993.
  3. Characters of the World Classics: A Christian Interpretation, Kottayam: Deepika Publications, 1997.

Articles English:

  1. The ways of God, Indian Currents, Delhi, Vol II, No 49, 2 September 1991, 10.
  2. We are One, Indian Currents, Delhi, Vol III, No. 3, 14 October 1991, 9.
  3. Goal Ahead, Indian Currents, Delhi, Vol IV, No 30, 19 April 1993, 9.
  4. Blessed Chavara; Modern Prophet, Indian Currents, 30 December 1991, Vol III, No 14,  4.
  5. Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara: Man of God, Delhi, Vol V, No. 14, 3 January 1994, 4.
  6. Abraham: An Icon of Humanity, Third Millennium, Vol. IX, No 1, Rajkot, 2006, 76-98
  7. Theology of Journey and Positive presence of the Virgin Mary, Power of Positive Presence, Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore, 2014, 487-496
  8. The Process of Becoming humanly Divine and Divinely Human, Becoming Human Becoming Christ, Ed., Henry Jose MSFS, ATC Publications, Bangalore, 2018, 25-36.
  9. A Twenty-Point Programme to Help Ourselves and the People ofGod to Experience the Word of God, Carmela Sandehsam, CMI Publications, No 203, Ernakulam, Kakkanad, March 2009, 29-34.
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  15. Catechetics India, The Broken Crown and Sceptre, Faith Meets life Series –6, volume-28, No.1, Kolkata, February 2011, 37- 40.
  16. Catechetics India, The Living Face of St Damien, Faith Meets life Series –7, volume-28, No.2, Kolkata, May 2011, 37- 40.
  17. Catechetics India, Clairvoyant man, Faith Meets life Series –8, volume-28, No.3, Kolkata, August 2011, 37- 40.
  18. Catechetics India, Custodian of the Sanctuary Light, Faith Meets life Series –9, volume-28, No.4, Kolkata, November 2011, 33- 36.
  19. Catechetics India, The Mission of the Spirit-Filled Mary (A Spiritual Reading of Luke 1:39-45), Faith Meets life Series –10, volume-29, No.1, Kolkata, February 2012, 30-35.
  20. Catechetics India, Mary: Meaning of Motherhood, Faith Meets life Series –11, volume-29, No.2, Kolkata, May 2012, 25-28.
  21. Catechetics India, In Your Goodness I live, Faith Meets life Series –12, volume-29, No.3, Kolkata, August 2012, 22-24.
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  23. Catechetics India, The Tree of Life, Faith Meets life Series –14, volume-30, No.1, Kolkata, February 2013, 21-24.

Articles Malayalam:

More than 300 Articles on Religion, Spirituality, Literature, Inspirational themes, Bible, Ecclesiology, etc.

  1. Anaswara Kathapathrangal(Immortal Characters) (Column) in Deepanalam Weekly) Pala, Kerala, Immortal Characters in the Classics: Christian Interpretation) 10 August 1995 to 13 March 1917 (83 Articles).
  2. Vishwas Sahityathilekkoru Theerthadanam (The Pilgrimage to the World Classics (Column) in Deepika Daily Weekend Supplement, Kottayam, March to December, (30 Articles), 1990.
  3. Tolstoy KadaParayunnu (Tolstoy Telling Story), Immortal Characters of Tolstoy: Christian Interpretation, (30 Articles) Deepanalam Weekly, Pala, Vol XXX, February 1997- November 1997.
  4. Biblile kathapaathrangal (Bible Characters), Jeevajwala Monthly (10 Articles), Kalamassery, Kerala,Vol X, January to October 1995,
  5. Relevance of Religious Life, Sathyadeepam Weekly, Ernakulam, 28 February 1996,Page 5.
  6. Namukkidayil Oral, One among us: (Namukkidayil oral), Sunday Shalom. 60 Articles) Peruvannamuzhy, Vol XVIII, Calicut, 2013-2015
  7. The Call of God and the Response, Talent, Ernakulam, Vol XVI, September 1994, Page 554-560.
  8. Universality of Faith in the Bible, Talent, Ernakulam, Vol XVII, No. 177-178, July-August 1995, Page 5-12, 29-35
  9. The Fulness of God’s Call in Moses, Talent, Ernakulam February 1997 and March 1997, Page 68-74 and 132-138.
  10. Good and Evil in the Life of Jacob, Talent, Ernakulam,Vol XVIII, No 186 and 187, March and May 1996, Pages 165-171 and 277-283.

“Cardinal Newman: A Man with difference,” Gujarat Vidya Deep, Seminar on Mission and The Bible, Baroda, 8-11-2010.

Newman and the Catholic Church, Seminar at St Thomas Aquinas University, Rome, 20 April 2000.


  1. Introduction to Sacraments
  2. Theology of Sacraments
  3. Eschatology
  4. Christian Spirituality
  5. Theology of Religions
  6. Oriental Liturgy
  7. Jainism and Sikhism
  8. Oriental Theology


  1. Christian Spirituality

Undergraduate level for 12 years

Guiding the Scholastics and Seminarians in their research works at:

  1. Gujarat Regional Theologate, Ahmedabad
  2. GDV Theologate, Baroda
  3. Samanvaya Theologate, Bhopal.

  1. Spirituality
  2. Fourteen Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II


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Retreat Preacher

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