Department of Institute of Oriental Canon Law


Director: Prof. Dr. Varghese Koluthara, CMI


The Institute of Oriental Canon Law (IOCL) is meant for the study and research in Oriental and Latin Codes of Canon Law, promoting the juridical disciplines in the light of the Gospel and instructing the students in these so as to form researchers, teachers as well as competent personnel to work in the eparchiail curias and ecclesiastical tribunals particularly in India, in other Asian countries and in other parts of the world. Religious Institutes can have persons trained to help in the formulation, revision and updating of their constitutions, in their work of formation as well as administration.

Realizing the need of more competent persons in the understanding and application of the laws of the Church and the importance of these experts having a thorough knowledge of canon law, the Congregation for Catholic Education has revised the programme (16 November 2002) of the study of Canon Law in the Catholic Church and has decreed that this new scheme should be introduced in every Canon Law Faculties. This new scheme has made the Licentiate in Oriental Canon Law (LOCL) a three year course with greater emphasis on the study of Latin which is the original language of the texts of the Codes of Canon Law. The Institute has implemented this programme from (2004-2005) academic year.

The Institute is attentive to the inculturation of the Law of the Church. For this purpose the Constitution of India as well as the ancient law of the land will be studied with the help of specialists, particularly in collaboration with various law colleges in Bangalore. The various branches of Indian civil law will also receive due attention. Finally, the Institute will inculcate in the students a sense of responsibility towards the Church and respect for its institutions, besides developing in them high standards of professional behaviour and personal integrity.


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