Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram is open to all provided that they meet the requirements for admission to the various courses as stipulated in the DVK Statutes.

Applications to any of the three cycles, undergraduate (Bachelor’s), postgraduate (Licentiate/Master’s) or Doctorate of any of the Faculties or Institutes, must reach the Registrar’s office on or before April 30 every year. Application can be submitted online by filling in the details in the follwing link.


Online Application Submission


Application forms are available at the Registrar’s office on a payment of Rs. 250/- or it could also be downloaded from the following link 

Click the below button to download the Application Form


Student Categories

Regular Students:

There are three categories of regular students whom Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram admits to its Faculties and Institutes:

  1. Degree course students, who aspire for an academic degree.
  2. Basic course students, who do not aspire for any degree but who do complete the course. The Syndicate may exempt them from some of the electives prescribed for the degree course students, Moreover, they are not required to take the comprehensive viva voce examination or to do Research Paper prescribed for the degree course students. They may be awarded a Diploma or Certificate, depending upon the course of studies they have pursued at the DVK.
  3. Diploma course students, who do the diploma course offered by the Institute or by any of its constituent or affiliated centres or colleges.

Guest Students:

The Athenaeum admits also guest students who neither aim at an academic degree nor are required to complete the course of studies offered in any particular department. Depending on their individual needs, and under the guidance of their study director, they may choose a few courses, which they are required to attend regularly.  They shall specify at the beginning of each academic year the courses they intend to attend.


For any enquiries contact:

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0804111 6300 (President) /

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