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Temporal Goods and the Church’s Mission

April 2024

Church’s Mission December 2016 It aims at contributing towards the enhancement and deepening of the knowledge of ecclesiastical laws contained in the Codes of Canon Law, especially the CCEO, and the Particular Laws of various Churches sui iuris and to make it accessible to scholars and experts, as well as the wider public and the practitioners of canon law in various fields of theoretical research and practical administration. Iustitia also aims at highlighting the church related civil laws of the place. Promotion of quality scientific research and comparative studies between CIC and CCEO as well as between Church laws and civil laws come within the scope of this journal. The journal will also make accessible to the public important current documents of the Church, both universal and individual Churches sui iuris. We also intend to familiarize the readers with the ongoing significant researches and publications within the target field through book reviews.