Extension Centres



Chavara Institute of Indian and Inter-religious Studies (CIIS) was established in 1977in Rome as a creative response of the CMI Congregation to the call of Vatican Council II for entering into inter religious dialogue and study of religions of the world. The Institute tries to foster studies and research in the fields of Inter religious Dialogue and Eastern Christianity and to help people to recognize and appreciate the religious, cultural and spiritual values of the ancient religions of India aiming at a mutually enriching and meaning fulencounter between the East and the West and a peaceful co-existence of religions promoting universal brotherhood. The Institute has made great strides over the past years through various courses, lecture series, inter religious prayer meetings, seminars, publications and library service in the field of inter religious studies. Taking into consideration its contributions and in view of further enhancing its academic standards Chavara Institute has been recognized as the second Extension Centre outside India of Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram (DVK) in 2010. The strategic position of the Institute in Rome, very close to Vatican, helps the students of different universities in the city of Rome to take advantage of the various activities of the institute. The Institute also receives staff support from various universities in Rome and DVK.   

Director:Prof. Dr. Isaac Arickappalil CMI

Email     :arickappalil@gmail.com