Extension Centres


Darsana Institute of Philosophy, Sawangi Meghe, Wardha 442001, Maharashtra.

DarsanaInstitute of Philosophy at Wardha is an extension centre of DVK.  It imparts academic training leading to thedegree of Bachelor of Philosophy (3 years) and a Diploma in Philosophy (2years) It was started as the CMI Mission Philosophate in June 1983. Thefounding Fathers of Darsana wanted to see the traditional Indian system of Gurukulaas the model for Darsana. The vision of Darsana is envisaged in its motto: PavitratayaDevadarsanam (Mt. 5:8) which means “Vision of God through Purity.” Darsana,the Gurukula, aims at devadarsanam for all antevasinsthrough the purity of heart. Right from the beginning it has been affirmed thatDarsana has three basic orientations: Missionary, Indian, and Rural.  Hence, the whole programme of training inDarsana is an endeavour to give an integral development of academic, spiritual,and cultural aspects of the students. Address: Darsana Institute of Philosophy,Sawangi Meghe, Wardha 442001, Maharashtra.

Rector             : Prof. Dr. Thomas Muppathinchira, CMI

Dean of Studies: Dr. George Kulangara, CMI

Phone             : 07152-287804, 87805

Email               :darsanainstitute@gmail.com