Formation in Socio-Religious Context
A. Introductory Courses Professor Hours/Credit
Community Building Shoey & team 15/1
Formee and Formation M. Anatharackal 30/2
Inner Smile Meditations V. Kottoor 30/2
Yoga and Integration A. Mundanmani 30/2
B. Theological Formation
Spirituality of Interiority A. Vattakuzhy 30/2
Formation Today, Tomorrow & Its Challenges K. Perumpallikunnel 30/2
Formation and Discernment M. Anatharackal 30/2
Depth Psychology and Vocation A. Puthenangady 30/2
The Art of Spiritual Direction W. Sequera 20/1
Discipleship in the Gospels P. S. Pudussery 30/2
Pastoral skills Divya Paul & M. Maniampra 30/2
Transforming Experiences of Prayer in the Bible J.P. Kakkanattu 30/2
C. Psychological Formation
General Psychology B. Chekkonthayil 20/1
Basic Skills in Counselling T. J. Parayil 60/4
Developmental Psychology T. Ambookan 30/2
Psychopathology Jose Anto 45/3
Psychological Testing and Analysis A. Puthenangady 60/4
Basic Skills and Techniques A. Puthenangady 60/4
Neuro-Linguistic Programme Shirdi Prasad 30/2
Steps and Tips for Health & Healing M. Maniampra 30/2
Advanced Course in the Art of Spiritual Guidance F. Menezes 30/2
Midlife Crisis M. Vivin 30/2
Group Counselling Team of experts 30/2
Counselling Practice Sessions Team of experts
D. Contextual Formation

V. Kokkadan & Team 30/2
Consecrated Life, Clibacy & Integration L. Chamakala 20/1
Formation and Mass Media J. Muricken 20/1
E. Practical Training
F. Integration Paper
G. Annual Retreat (Eight Days)

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