Name  : Thunduparampil Cherian CMI

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About Me

SpecializationCanon Law
AddressThunduparampil House

Academic Qualification

School                                                             :St.Xavier’s UP School, Pachai (1-7)

                                                                      :St. Aloysius High School, Edathua  (8-10)

Joining Seminary at Mannanam                            :08-06-1980

PDC                                                                 :1981-1983, Kerala University, SB College

Novitiate                                                          :Nirmalgiri Novitiate House, Punalur, 1983-1985

First Profession                                                 :19-03-1985

Philosophy                                                        :DharmaramVidya Kshetram, 1985-1987

BA, EnglishLiterature                                          :SBCollege Changanacherry,

            : Mahatma Gandhi University,Kerala, 1987-1990

Regency                                                          :DharmaramCollege, (Devadan Dairy Farm, Kengery) Bengaluru, 1990

Theology                                                         :JnanadeepVidya Peeth, Pune, 1991-1994

Ordination                                                       :27-12-1994, at Chethipuzha, Kerala

Licentiate in Oriental Canon Law                          :Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome, 1995-1997

Diploma in the Process of Canonization                  :Congregation for the Causes of Saints,Rome, 1998

Doctorate in Oriental Canon Law                           : Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome, 2001

Doctoral Dissertation                                            :The Role of Miracle in the Process of Canonization            

Teaching Experienc

Lecturer at DVK                                             :2001

Permanent Appointment                                 :2003

Associate Professor                                         :2006-


Thunduparampil Cherian. The Role of Miracle in the Process of Canonization(Dharmaram Canonical Studies 2). Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2003.


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Participation in Conference

1. SimposioInternazionale, “IusEcclesiarum:VehiculumCaritatis” organized by the Congregationfor the Oriental Churches, on the occasion of the Decennial Celebration of Promulgationof the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches, Vatican City, Rome, 19-23,November 2001.

2. Seminar conducted by the Major Archiepiscopal Tribunal,Mount St. Thomas, Kochi, Kerala, India,from 1st to 4thDecember 2003.

3. The Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland,Annual Conference, held at Dean Park Hotel, Renfrew, Glasgow, Scotland, from 16thto 20th May 2005.

4. Canon Law Society of India, Annual Conference, held atPallotine Seminary in October 2005.

5. Canon Law Society of India, XXth Annual conference, heldat Chennai, from 16th to 20th October 2006.

6. Annual Conference, Canon Law Society of India, held atMumbai from 15th to 19th October 2007.

7. National Symposium on Natural Moral Law, held atDharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bengaluru from 3rd to 6thDecember 2007.

8. National Seminar, Theology with Asian Resources, held atUniversity of Madras, Department of Christian Studies, from 5th to 6thFebruary, 2008

9. Oriental Canon Law Society’s Meeting held at Capuchin Provincialateat Alwaye on 17th and 8th July 2008.

10. Seminar on Pastoral Liturgy, held at NBCLC, Bangalore,from 18th to 19th August 2008.

11. Annual Conference, Canon Law Society of India, held atPastoral Centre, Ashir Bhavan Kochi, from 13th October to 18thOctober 2008.

12. Tribunal Personnel’s Meeting at Mount St. Thomas, Cochi,2009

13. Annual Conference, Oriental Canon Law Society of India,21-22, July 2010 at Capuchin Provincial House, Alwaye, Kerala (Presented Paperon “The Mission of the Church and the Role of the Laity”).

14. Canon Law Meeting organized by The Council for theLegislative Texts in collaboration with Oriental Institute (PIO) Rome andOriental Congregation on 8th and 9th October 2010.

15. Inter-Institute Canon LawSymposium, “Synod of Bishops and Episcopal Conference” held at DVK on 16thSeptember 2010.

16. Inter-Institute FacultySeminar held at St. Peter’s Seminary, Bengaluru, 4th November 2010.

17. National Seminar on the Eastern Code, 20Years at theService of the Church, 10 & 11 November 2010 at DVK (Presented Paper on“The Role of the Laity in the Mission of the Church”).

18. International Seminar on Mysticism Without Bounds,Christ University and DVK, Bangalore, from 5th to 8th January 2011.

19. International Conference of the Society for the Law ofthe Eastern Churches, held in Athens, Greece from 16-19 September 2011(Subj. La“Diaspora”).

20. International Congress on “Mar Addai and Mari” The themewas “La GenesiAnaforica del Raccontoistituzionale all Luce dell’Anafora diAddai& Mari” It was organized by the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Romeand held at Gregorian University from 25th to 26thOctober 2011. It was attended by around 160 participants.

21. CIIS, Rome, Placid Lectures by His Grace ArchbishopJoseph Perunthottam

21. CIIS, Chavara Lectures 2011, “Perspectives on EasternChristian Ethics,” by Prof. Dr. Paulachan Kochappilly CMI, at CIIS, Rome, from09-11-11 to 11-11-11.

22. Placid Lecture Series, “The Historical, Liturgicl andTheological Study of the Lectionary System of thtSyro-Oriental Tradition,” by,by Bp. PaulyKannookadan, atCIIS, Rome from 22-10-2012 to 24-10-2012.

23. PontificioIstituto Orientale, Giornata di Studio in occasione delcinquantesimoanniversariodell’apertura del concilioVaticano II (1962-1965), “IConciliEcumencici: aspettistorico-fiuridici e canonistici”, Martedi 4 Dicembre,2012.

24. Placid Memorial Endowment Lectures on Consecrated Lifeby Fr. Jobe Abbass, at IOCL, DVK, Dharmaram College, Bengaluru, 11-12 January2013.

25. Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, “Revisiting Vatican II 50Years of Renewal,” International Conference held at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram,Bangalore India from 31 January - 3 February 2013.

26. XXI CongressodellaSociet? perilDirittodelleChieseOrientali, “Leggiparticolari e questioniattualinelleChiese”UniversitadegliStudi di Bari, Dipartimento di Giuridspudenza, Centro Di Ricerca“Renato Baccari, in Bari, 10 – 13 Settembre 2013.

27. PontificioIstituto Orientale,PontificiaUniversita S. TommasoD’Aquino “Angelicum”, “IlDirittocanonicoorientale a cinquant’anni dal ConcilioVaticano II, dal 23-15Aprile 2014, Roma.

27. Congressointernazionale diDirittoCanoniico, Dignitasconnubii a 10 annidallapubblicazione: bilancio eprospettive. PontificiaUnivesitaGregoriana, Rome, dal 22 al 24 gennaio 2015.

Works In Progress

Papers Presented
Annual Conference, Oriental Canon Law Society of India, 21-22, July 2010 at Capuchin Provincial House, Alwaye, Kerala (Presented Paper on “The Mission of the Church and the Role of the Laity”).
National Seminar on the Eastern Code, 20Years at the Service of the Church, 10 & 11 November 2010 at DVK (Presented Paper on “The Role of the Laity in the Mission of the Church” slightly revised version of the paper presented earlier in July).
Heritage Day Seminar, Syro Malabar Church, Rome on 21 October 2012: Syro Malabar Church and Declared Sanctity.