Name  : Chittilappilly Anto Amarnad CMI

Email   : antoamarnad at hotmail dot com

Phone  : 08041116106

About Me

SpecializationCatechetics, Pastoral, Youth, Systematic and Comparative Theology
AddressDharmaram College,
Bangalore, 560029

Academic Qualification

Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies

1989: M Th, DVK, Bangalore (India)
1995: Licentiatein Catechetics, Salesian University, Rome
1998:Doctor of Theology, Salesian University, Rome (Italy)

Undergraduate Studies

1979: Bachelor of Philosophy, DVK, Bangalore (India)
1981: Bachelor of Arts (Music, Psychology, Hindi Literature) Sager University, M.P.
1985: Bachelor of Theology, DVK, Bangalore (India)
1987: Diploma in Counselling, EAPI, Manila (Philippines)

Teaching Experienc

1989 – KhristPremalaya, Ashta, M.P.
Samanvaya Theological College, Bhopal, Rishikesh, Kolchoor
Poornodaya Training Centre, Bhopal
Darsana Instituteof Philosophy, Wardha, MS
Tanmaya Institute of Religious Trainning, Bhopal
Sanjo Seminary, Sagar, M.P.
JDV Regional Theologate, Baroda, Gujrat

Courses Taught

1.Undergraduate Level
Religious life and integrated personality
Youth, Faith and Formation

2. Graduate level
Sacraments of Initiation
Theology of Sacraments
Ordained Ministry
Pastoral Theology
Sacrament of Reconciliation

3. Post-graduate Level
Pastoral Theology

4. Research Guidance (Doctoral Thesis)
[2014-] “Blessed Chavara, A Prophet for Our Times,”” DVK (workin progress)

Academic Responsibilities

1989- Lecturer in KhristPremalaya, Ashta M.P.
1990- Programme Coordinator at Poornodaya Missionary Training Centre Bhopal
1999- Lecturer in Samanvaya Theological College, Bhopal, M.P.
1999- Visiting Lecturer at DVK Bangalore
2005- 2008 Dean of the Studies at Samanvaya Theological College
2014- Residential Staff in DVK, Bangalore


[2000]- Amarnad Anto, “Creative Catechesis: A Creative and Psychosocial Approach to Faith Formation: A Source Book for Today’s Catechesis” {ISBN: 81-86861-25-4} Dharmaram Publication, Bangalore, 2000.
[2011]- Amarnad Anto, “Divine Office” Liturgical Book, Department of Evangelization, Bhopal, 2011
[2011]- Amarnad Anto, “Office For The Dead,” Liturgical Book, Department of Evangelization, Bhopal, 2011.
[1985]- Amarnad Anto, “MrthkomKeliyeLaghuPrathna,” JyothiBhavanSagar, 1985.
[1979]- Amarnad Anto “PrathaUpasana,” Liturgical Book, Sagar Diocese, 1979.

Participation in Conference

1. [2000] Participated and presented Paper on “Inculturation and Catechesis,” National Seminar on Inculturation, held in Poornodaya, Bhopal, 7 September, 2000.
2. [2007]Participated and presented Paper inNBCLC National Seminar paper on Indigenisation of Liturgical Music- 27-10-2007, Bangalore.
3. [2009] Participated in the 7th International Whitehead Conference on “Process, Religion and Society” at Christ University and DVK, Bangalore, India, from January 05-09, 2009.
4. [2014] Participated in International Conference on Library Space and Content Management for Networked Society, 18- 20 October 2014, DVK, Bangalore.
5. [2015] Participated and presented Paper in Dharma: Interface between Secular and Sacred, 4-7 January 2015, DVK, Bangalore.

Works In Progress

[1979] Anto Amarnad, “Gitanjaly and Psalm,” in Dharmaram Sovenir1979, Bangalore.
[1992] Anto Amarnad, “A New world Perspective,” in KhristPremalaya Souvenir 1992.
[2000-2004] Anto Amarnad, 5 Video film for Catechetics,” From DVK classes, RTC classes, AshtaKhristPremalaya Classes and from SamanvayaTheological classes, 2000-2004.
[2002] Anto Amarnad, “Jesuan Catechesis,” in Third Millennium, Vol., V (2002) 1, 96-109.
[2004] Anto Amarnad, “Tightrope Walk in Spiritual Life,” In Cristo: 3. -Vol. 42 (Jan-April 2004) nos.1&2.
[2004] Anto Amarnad, “Parichayapedam: KriyatmakaMatabhodanam,”in Talent Catechetical Magazine, January, POC, Palarivattom, Kochi, India
[2004] Anto Amarnad, “NirikshanamakatteTudakkam,”in Talent Catechetical Magazine, February, 2004, POC, Palarivattom, Kochi, India.
[2004] Anto Amarnad, “KriyatmakaMatabhodanasailikyuoruMatrka,” in Talent Catechetical Magazine, March,2004, POC, Palarivattom, Kochi, India.
[2004] Anto Amarnad, “AnudhyanavumVichinthanavum,” in Talent Catechetical Magazine, June 2004.
[2006] Anto Amarnad, Eucharistic Catechesis in in Third Millennium,Vol., X (2006) 2 April-June, 2006.
[2006] Anto Amarnad,“Sin or Grace?” In Cristo. Vol.44 (Jan 2006) no.1.
[2006] Anto Amarnad, “Religion and Education for Life,” in Dharma- Bangalore (April-June-2006-Vol.31, No.2).
[2008] Anto Amarnad, “Community or Mission?” In CRI Bhopal Annual Magazine, 2008.
[2008] Anto Amarnad, “Concept of God and the Process of Becoming,” in ICJ Jubilee Souvenir, 2009.
[2008] Anto Amarnad, “Catechesis and Inter-religious Context, in Catechetics India,” Vol. XXV No.1, February-2008, pp12-21.
[2009] Anto Amarnad, “Editorials,” in12 issues of Lahar, CMI St. Paul Province Bulletin (2009-2011).
[2005-2011] Anto Amarnad, 22 Book reviews, in eight magazines.
[1995-2014] Anto Amarnad,70 Poems in Hindi, Malayalam and English, 1995-2014.
Music Compositions: [1979-2014] Anto Amarnad, composed over 617 tunes and produced 61 Cassettes and CDs: 1. Kruska Rasta (Full); 2. Dhara (8 songs); 3. Jay Masih (Full); 4. Hosana (2 songs); 5. Vandana (10 songs); 6. PremPukar (full); 7. MrtokomkeliyeLaghuPrathna (full); 8. Christian Bhajans (2 songs from Dharmaram); 9. Chavara Nadam (3 songs Dharmaram); 10. KristuSahasraNamam (full, Deccan Studios); 11. Abhishek (full); 12. Upasana (full); 13. Pushpanjali (2 songs); 14. Tarang (1 song); 15. Vineet’s Meditation Vol. I (5); 16. Vineet’s Meditation Vo. 1l (full). 17. Navdhara (Ballets full except 1 song); 18. Guru (full); 19. PavitrBalidan (full); 20. Sradanjali (full); 21. Sumiran (full); 22. JeevitaRangam (full, Malayalam); 23. Isho (full-Malayalam); 24. Ma (2 songs); 25. Krupa (1 song); 26-29. Prabhukesath1,II,III,IV,; 30. Vachanamrtam (5 songs); 31. Onnutottalmati (Malyalam one song); 32.Divyadarshan (full); 33. SwarnPankh (full); 34. Aastha (2 songs); 35. Welcome Song for CBCI, Trichur; 36. Amar Sangeeth-100songs’ collection-MP3; 37-38. 2Golden Collection CD; 39. .Ponntuval (Mal.CD); 40. Aastha (2songs). 41. English Syro-Malabar Solemn High Mass (full-27 songs); 42. TereHatom me (Hindi-full); 43. Showers: Title song for 6th North Indian Catholic Charismatic Convention- harKadamTereSangh; 44. Two School Anthem written & composed (Mysore Porbandar); 45. Halleluiah (2 songs); 46. Punyathirtam (1song); 47. Jeevasagaram- Mal. (1 song); 48. Santh Marg by CMC, Bhopal (4 songs); 49. DayaSagar (full except one). 50. Green Pastures (full); 51. Marathi Sung Mass (full), 52. Sant Chavara (full); 53. Hymns &Bhajans, Vol., I, (24 songs); 54. Hymns &Bhajans, Vol. 2: (20 songs), 55. Chavarayachan (13songs). 56. Hymns &Bhajans: Vol. 3: (28songs). 57. VandeMasih (1), 58. Panah (1). 59. Footprints of the Saint (Film songs 2); 60-61. Canonical prayers’ hymns: vol.1, 2. (50 hymns).

Anthems composed: 1. Mysore Christ Public School, 2. St. Joseph’s Porbandar- Gujarat; 3. Sisters of Jesus, 4. Elthuruth Boarding; 5. Carmel School-Jalgoan, 6. Silver Shining School, Bhopal 7. Bijnor 8. Chavara Anthem in Sanskrit.

Paper Presentation
(1)Diocesan Catechetical Seminars in Udayapur in 2001.
(2) Seminar on Creative Catechetics in P.O.C. Kochi for Whole Kerala Principals of Catechism Schools in 2004.
(3) NBCLC National Seminar paper on Indigenisation of Liturgical Music- 27-10-2007.
(4) Diocesan Catechetical Seminar in Indore (2006).
(5) Diocesan Catechetical Seminar in Sagar (2008).
(6) Bhopal Assembly of CRI- Conference on St. Alphonsa and Third Millennium Challenges for Religious of India.
(7) Four Seminars conducted in four English medium Schools’ Teachers of Maharashtra-Education for Liberation: ChandrapurDistrict in 2008.
(8) CMC Superiors’ Animation two days seminar, 2009.
(9) CMC Superiors; Animation, Wardha, 2009.
(10) Holy Family Superiors’ Animation, 2010.
(11) MMB Brothers Superiors Conference, 2010.
(12) Youth Animation Seminar: Vidisha English Medium School, 2011.
(13) Extension Lecture: “Does God Have a Future,” 2014.

Current Research Interests

[2000] Anto Amarnad, “The Cross and Shepherding” in Paulachan Kochappilly (ed), Folly of the Cross: (Dharmaram Publications-2000)
[2002] Anto Amarnad, “Poornodaya,” in Johnson Vadakumchery (ed), Icons of the Unseen: Asian Theology Through the Eyes of Artist Joy Elamkunnapuzha CMI, Carmel International Publishing House, Trivandrum, p. 135-144,2002.
[2004] Anto Amarnad, “The Eucharistic Catechesis,” in The Eucharist Theology, Dharmaram Publications, 2006.
[2007] Anto Amarnad, “Catechesis in Context,” in Davis Varayilan, (ed) Rishikesh and Beyond, pp. 100-106, Bhopal, 2007
[2008] Anto Amarnad, “Fr. Alex- the Alchemist”in Jacob Peenickaparambil(ed),Alex without Wax, St. Paul Province, CMI St. Paul Province, Bhopal, p. 182-185, 2008.
[2009] Anto Amarnad, “Music, the Fragrance of Eternity on Earth,” in Chackalackal, Saju, (ed), New Horizons of Indian Christian Living: A Festschrift in Honour of Vadakethala Francis Vineeth, Bangalore: Vidyavanam Publications, p. 485-502, 2009.
[2010] Anto Amarnad, “Knowing the boarding children: The psychological insights for forming the boarders” in Johnson Vadakumchery& Jacob Peenickaparambil(ed), “Paradagim Shift in Boarding House Management,” Centre for Development and Harmony, Bhopal,P. 99-116, 2010.