Name  : Koluthara Varghese, CMI

Email   : 

Phone  : 08041116257

About Me

Institute/Faculty Institute of Oriental Canon Law
SpecializationCanon Law
AddressDharmaram College,
Bangalore, 560029

Academic Qualification

Post-Graduate and DoctoralStudies:

1991-1994: Doctorate in CanonLaw (Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome)

1987-1989: LCL (PontificalLateran University, Rome)

1985-1987: MTh (DVK)


Undergraduate Studies

1999-2002: LLB (BangaloreUniversity, Karnataka, India)

1980-1983: BTh (DVK)

1977-1980: BA (BangaloreUniversity, Karnataka, India)

1975-1977: BPh (DVK)


1989-1990: Diploma in OrientalCanon Law (Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome)

1987-1989:Diploma on the Cannonical Implications of Religious Life (S. Con. for    Religious Institutes and SecularInstitutes, Rome


Teaching Experienc

2011- Lecturer at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram.

2008-2011: Visiting professor at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram

1994-: Lecturer at DharmaramVidya Kshetram

1990-1991: Lecturer at DharmaramVidya Kshetram

Visiting Professor, Mater Dei, All India CRI Theological Institute, Goa

Visiting Professor, Sidhivihara, CMI Centre for Theological Updating,Mysore, Karnataka

Academic Responsibilities

2011- Professor, DVK

2000- Executive member of the International Society of the Law of the Eastern Churches, Vienna, Austria.

2008: Executive member of the Canon Law Society of India

1997- Judge of Metropolitan Marriage Tribunal Archdiocese of Bangalore

2008- Consulter of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretationof Legislative Texts

2011-2012: The Finance Officer, DVK

2008-2011:  Provincial, CMI St Paul’s Province, Mysore,Karnataka, India

1999-2008:Director, Institute of Oriental Canon Law, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram

2004-2008: Vice-President, CanonLaw Society of India, Bangalore, India.

1999-2004:Vice-President Oriental Canon Law Society of India, Ernakulum, Kerala, India

1995-1997: Director,Vinayasadhana, DVK

1983-1984:Assistant Parish Priest at Nadavayal, Mananthavady Eparchy, Kerala

1984-1985:Parish Priest at Marakkadavu, Mananthavady Eparchy, Kerala.



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2.Research Articles

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