Name  : Nandhikkara Jose CMI

Email   : nandhikkara at dvk dot in

Phone  : 08041116213

About Me

SpecializationAnaytical Philosphy Philosophical Anthropolosy
AddressDharmaram College,
Bangalore, 560029

Academic Qualification

Bangalore, 560029

Teaching Experienc

2007- Department of Philosophy, ChristUniversity

2005- Visiting Faculty at CRI Institute,Bangalore

2005-2008: Visiting Faculty at KristhuJyothi College, Bangalore

2005- Visiting Faculty at Jeevalaya,Bangalore

2004- Faculty of Philosophy, DVK,Bangalore

1999-2000: Faculty of Philosophy, DVK,Bangalore

1989-1990: St Xavier’s TechnicalInstitute, Pullur

1994-1995: St Joseph’s School, Mbiuni,Kenya

Courses Taught

1. Undergraduate Level

Philosophy of Human Person

Medieval Philosophy

Contemporary Western Philosophy

Philosophy of God

Contemporary Religious Experience

Academic Writing

2. Licentiate and Post-Graduate Levels

Being Human after Wittgenstein

A Religious Point of View after Wittgenstein

Human Subjectivity according to StThomas Aquinas

Theodicy after Aquinas

Problem of Evil

Fides et Ratio

Religion in Contemporary India

Analytic Philosophy

Academic Responsibilities

2012- Dean Faculty of Philosophy

2009- Chief Editor, Journal of Dharma

2007- Director, Centre for the Study of World Religions

2005-2009: Registrar, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore

2004-2007: Director, Centre for the Study of World Religions

1991-1993: Secretary, Centre for the Study of World Religions

1984-1985: Secretary, Centre for the Study of Bible            


1. Books

[2011]Being Human after Wittgenstein: A Philosophical Anthropology, vol. 1, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications,2011.

2. Research Articles

[2012] “Know Thyself and Meaning of Life,” Editorial, Journal of Dharma 37, 1(January-March 2012), 3-6.

[2011] “Philosophy of Language,” Notesfor MA in Philosophy, IGNOU, 2011.

“Mystical Experience, Language and Truth: Philosophical Investigations after Wittgenstein,” Journal of Dharma 36, 1 (January-March 2011), 87-98.

[2010]“Feminine Humanity: An Indian Christian Philosophical Project” in Indigenous Philosophizing: Indian Horizons,ed. Saju Chackalackal, Dharmaram Publications, 2010, pp. 193-216

“Wittgenstein,”Notes for BA in Philosophy, IGNOU, 2010.

“Language,Philosophy of (Western)” ACPI Encyclopedia of Philosophy,  vol. 2. John J. Puthenpurackal, ed.Bangalore: Asian Trading Corporation, India, 2010.

“Darsan (Vision) and Tapas (Mission) of a Priest,” Jeevadhara, VolXL, No. 238, 323-336.

[2009]“Knowing and Becoming Dynamics at Vidyavanam Chapel’ in New Horizons of Indian Christian Living: A Festshrift in Honour ofProf. Dr. Vadakethala Francis Vineeth CMI, ed. Saju Chackalackal, 111-126,Bangalore: Vidyavanam Publications, 2009.

“Religionsand Harmony of Life,” Editorial, Journal of Dharma 34, 3 (July-September 2009),277-280.

“Languageand Truth in God-Talk visa-a-vis God-Experience,” Journal of Dharma 33, 4, pp.365 – 376.

“Human Subjectivity: A Philosophical Investigations after Wittgenstein,” Journal of Dharma 33, 1, pp. 19-32.

[2008]“Atmasakshatakara: A Joint Venture Of Nature and Culture”  in Culture as Gift and Task: Philosophical Reflections in the Indian Context, Keith D’Souza (ed.), Bangalore: Asian Trading Corporation, 2008, pp. 78 – 108.

[2006]“God-Talk after Wittgenstein”, in God-Talk:Contemporary Trends and Trials, ed. Kurian Kachappilly, Bangalore:Dharmaram Publications, 2006.

[2005]“Could We Imagine a Religion for Private Use”, Journal of Dharma, 30, 2 (April-June2005), 185-204.

[2004]“Meaning and Reference of ‘I’, Proceedings of 27th International Wittgenstein  Symposium,Kirchberg, Austria, 2004.

[1997]“The Person: Project of Nature, Nurture and Grace: Philosophical Investigations  after Wittgenstein,” Journal of Dharma 37, 1 (January-March 2012),97-116.

[1994]Editorial co-ordinator for Vachanabhashyam,A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament, ed. Paul Kalluveettil,Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 1994.


Participation in Conference

1.Paper Presentation

[2011]“Being Human: A Joint Venture of Nature, Nurture and Grace,” National Symposiumon Thinking Subjectivities, ChristUniversity, Bangalore, 9-10 February, 2011.

“Priestly Training in the Multi-Religious Context of India”, paper presented at the Unityin Diversity – Bridging Cultures, Building Peace & Development, South Asia Forum, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, India, 06-08, February, 2011.

“Mysticism,after Wittgenstein,” paper presented at the International Conference on Mysticism without Bounds, Bangalore,2011.

“Moral Values and National Integration: A Christian Perspective,” paper presented at the Dialogue Centre, Bangalore, 26 January 2011.

[2010]“Bl. Chavara: Vision and Mission of a Priest in India,” paper presented in the Inter-Faculty seminar at Dharamaram Vidya Kshetram Bangalore, 2010.

“Priest of Christ and Priest of the Church,” paper presented in the National Seminar on Priest in India Today at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore, 2010.

“The Person: A Religious Point of View After Wittgenstein,” paper presented at the International Conference on The Person at Catholic University of East Africa, 02-04 February 2010.

[2009] “Learning About and Across Differences,” paper presented at the UN sponsored Alliance of Civilisations,International Conference held at Istanbul from 5-6 April, 2009.

“Being Human, a Joint Venture of Nature and Culture,” Annual Gathering of the Association of Christian Philosophers of India, Kottayam, 2007.

“God-Experience:Language, Truth and Interpretation,” International Philosophy Conference,University of Mumbai, 2007.

[2007]“God-Experience, after Raimundo Panikkar,” Bangalore Association of Philosophers, 2007.

[2006]“God-Talk, after Wittgenstein,” God-Talk:Contemporary Trends and Trials, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore, 2006.

“Missing Feminist Faces and Voices, a Response,” Indigenous Philosophizing: Indian Horizons, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore, 2006.

[2004]“Meaning and Reference of ‘I,”’ 27th International Wittgenste in Conference, Kirchberg, Austria, 2004.

2.Conferences Attended

[2011]“Enhancing Hindu-Christian Relations and Collaboration for Justice, Peace and Harmony,” Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, 2011.

“Towards a Strong Global Economic System: Revealing the Logic of Gratuitousness in the Market Economy,” International Colloquium, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore,2011.

[2008] Copenhagen Conference: “Education for Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue” held on 21-22 October, 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark at the invitation of the Danish Center for Culture and Development and Alliance of Civilisations.

[2007]‘Educational Technology’, Centre for Education beyond Curriculum, Christ College, Bangalore, 2007.

[2006]‘Dynamics of Religion’ Annual Gathering of the Association of Christian Philosophers of India, Chennai 2006.

[2005]Philosophical Conference on ‘Hegel, Wittgenstein and McDowell,’ Warwick University, 2005.

‘On Plurality’, Annual Gathering of the Association of Christian Philosophers ofIndia, Sonada, West Bengal, 2005.

[2004]‘Merging Boundaries: Philosophy, Art, Science and Religion’, International Conference, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore, 2004.

International Conference on ‘Meaning and Truth,’ St Andrews University, Scotland, 2004.

Works In Progress

Being Human: A Religious Point of Viewafter Wittgenstein

Natural Religion: A Philosophical Perspective after J.H. Newman

Dialogue after Raimundo Panikkar

Current Research Interests

Philosophical Anthropology

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Language

Religion in Contemporary India

Fellowship in Religious Experience

Interfaith Dialogue