Name  : Thonippara Francis Assisi, CMI

Email   : fthonippara at dvk dot in

Phone  : 08041116213

About Me

SpecializationChurch History
AddressDharmaram College,
Bangalore, 560029

Academic Qualification

Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies
1991-1995: Doctorate in Church History, Gregorian University, Rome.
1986-1989: Licentiate in Church Histroy, Gregorian University, Rome

Undergraduate Studies
1977-1980: Bachelor of Arts, Christ College Bangalore

1992-1993: Diploma in Archival Science (Vatican)

Teaching Experienc

1995- Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore (1995,November 20 onwards)

Sanjose Gurukul, Sagar

Samanvaya Theological College, Bhopal

Christo Jyoti Moha Vidyaloyo, Sambalpur

CRI Brothers Institute, Bangalore

Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore

Kristu Jyoti College, Bangalore

St Peter‘s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore

United Theological College, Bangalore

Jnanodyaa, Bangalore

Jyoti Sadan, Bangalore

Sanathana MCBS Theologate, Thamarassery

Gurukul Lutheran Theological College, Chennai

Courses Taught

1.Undergraduate Level

Church History


Allied subjects

2.Licentiate and Post-Graduate Levels

History of Ecumenical Councils

Senate of Serampore

Academic Responsibilities

Member, Board of Theological Education Senate of Serampore College,(BTESSC)

2011- Treasurer,CHAI

2009-2012: President,Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore

2008-2011: Prefect,Chavara Bhavan

2008-2009: Director,Vinayasadhana,

2009-2012: President,Church History Association of India, Southern Branch

2005-2008: Provincial,CMI St Thomas Province, Kozhikode

2004-2009: Secretary,CHAI Southern Branch

2001-2004: Priest– in charge and first parish priest, Holy Family Church, Hongasandra, Bangalore

1999-2002:Treasurer, Church History Association of India

1998-1999: Secretary,CHAI

1996-1999: PGDirector

1996-1999: SectionMaster (Philosophy students)

1996-1999: CafeteriaDirector

1999-2002: DVKLibrarian (1999-2002)

1996-1999: M.Th.Board of Studies Member (1996-1999)

1996-1999: Vinayasadhana Board Member (1996-1999)

1996-1999: Director:Centre for Eastern and Indian Christian Studies (CEICS) (1996-1999)

1985-1986: Priest– in charge, St Antony’s Church, Kalluvayal, Iritty, 1985 -1986

1985-1986: Assistant,Parish Priest, St Sebastian’s Church, Nellikampoil, Iritty, 1985 -1986

1984-1985: Assistant,Parish priest, St. Thomas Parish, Marikunnu, Calicut, 1984 -1985

Year Historical Commission Member of Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue

Year: Historical Commission Member of Mother Veronica BeatificationProcess (Foundress of A.C., C.C.R, Congregations)

Year: Senate of Serampore M.Th. Syllabus Committee Member

Year: UTC Doctoral Programme (History) Screening Committee Member

Year: National Coordinator of the Project “ Archives of the Fathers ofSecond Vatican Council “ in India.


1. Books

[2011] Kodakanady Family History, ( Ed. ),Mannakkanad, 2011.

[1999] St Thomas Christians of India: A Period of Struggle for Unity and Self Rule (1775-1787), Bangalore 1999.

2. Research Articles

[2011] Daughters of the Lord at the Service of the Church and the State,  Feminine Identity in the Church: Promises and Challenges, Edited by Nellickal Abraham and Neelankavil Tony, Marymatha Publications, Trichur 2011, pp.123 – 135.

St.Thomas Christians,  The Way of Life,Edited by Paulachan Kochappilly, Kottayam, 2011, pp.229 -236.

Forewordto the Book, The Impact of the Portuguese on the Malabar Society in the Sixteenth Century, Annette Thottakkara, Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2011.

Mar Abraham and St Thomas Christians, The Indian Christian Heritage, Edited by. Snaitang O.L. and Menachery George, CHAI Publications, Bangalore 2011

[2010] Christian Movements: A Historic Perspective, Asian Horizons, Bangalore, 2010, Vol.4,No.2, PP. 226 -238.

[2008] Edayan (Malayalam) edited by Rev. Fr. Francis Vallapura CMI on Liturgical Year in the Syro-Malabar Church, 2008.

[2006] St Thomas Christians and Dalit Questions, Kerala Spectrum, edited by Charles Dias, 2006.

[2005] Malayalee Migration to Bangalore, Migration in South India, Edited by Dr. K.S. Mathew, Delhi, 2005.

Syro-Malabar Church History, (Malayalam, series), Karmelakusumam.

CMI Congregation and Malabar Migration, Kudiyettathinte Ithihasam, (Malayalam), Tellicherry Archdiocese Golden Jubilee souvenir, 2005.

[2003] Pastoral Care of the Migrant Syro-Malabar Catholics, Journal of St Thomas Christians, (October-2002 March 2003, Jubilee issue).

[2002] Christian Concept of History, Jeevadhara (2002 September).

[2001] Christianity: A Survey of Development in the Second Millennium, Journal of Dharma, (2001 September-December).

Synod of Diamper:Ecclesiastical Discipline for St Thomas Christians, The Synod of Diamper:Its Impact on the Church in India, edited by George Thanchan, CMI (to bepublished.)

[2000] St Thomas Christians: The First Indigenous Church of India, Christianity in India, edited by Roger E.Hedlund, Delhi, 2000.

Thomas Premmakkal:His Life and Activities, Indian Church History Review (2000December).

The Catholic Community in India, Yesu Kristu Jayanti 2000-National CelebrationSouvenir.

[1999] Veneration of the Cross Among the St Thomas Christians, The Folly of the Cross, edited by Paulachan Kochappilly CMI, Bangalore, 1999.

The Last Persian Metropolitan of St Thomas Christians, Indian Church History Review,(1999 June).

Spiritual Compat(Malayalam), Samarpita (1999 March).

[1998] Liturgy of the Hours and Spiritual Life (Malayalam), Samarpitha(1998 March).

3. Other Works

[2011] Book Review on One Territory – One Bishop? Or Shall the Syrian Rites Die? N.A.Thomas, Asian Horizons, Vol. V, No.I, March 2011, pp.198 -200.

[2010] Book Review on Apostolic Christianity in Goa and in the West Coast, Cosme Jose Costa, Asian Horizons, Vol. IV, No.I, 2010, pp.219 -222.


Participation in Conference

1.Paper Presentation

[2012] “Contributions of St Thomas Christians in the growth Kerala Society,” One Day Seminar organized by the Nazrani Samngamam, Kuravilangadu, January 21, 2012.

“Christianity in India,” Half Day Session for a group of students from the United States ofAmerica, DVK January 5, 2012

 [2011] “The Portuguese and the Dutch in Maritime Malabar with special reference to Kochi,” International Seminar, St Thomas Christians and the Portuguese in Maritime Malabar with special Reference to Mar Jacob, Jointly organized by IRISH, St Thomas College, Pala, Anthropological Society of India andArchaeological Survey of India, held at Pala, Kottappuram and Kochi, December 9-12, 2011.

“St Thomas Christians and Evangelizaion,” Nathional Seminar, Witnessing to Christ in the Indian Context:The Missionary Life of the St.Thomas Christians,  DVK, November 22- 24, 2011.

“Fr. Placid Podipara,CMI and the Histriography of the St Thomas Christians,” CHAI National Conference, Jeevan Jyothi, Hyderabad, October 6 -9,2011.

“Missionary Foundations of Indian Renaissance, International Conference, Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara and Kerala Renaissance in the 19th Century, Vasco deGama Research Institute, Kochi, September 22 -24, 2011,

“Da Colonizzazione all lamanizzazione: um esperienza Indaiana diincantro tra oriente  occidente. Analisi Critca della storia dei Cristiani di San Tammaso, dal cinquecento ai giorninostri’, Dal Mediterraneneo al Mar della Cina,” International Conference, Fondazione Ambrosiana Paolo VI, VillaCagnola di Gazzada, Milan, Italy from September 6-10, 2011.

“From Colonization to Romanization: A  Case study of the Encounter of the St Thomas Christians with the Western World,” International Conference Fondazione Ambrosiana PaoloVI, Varese, Milan, Italy,  September6 -10, 2011.

“TheologicalEducation in a Multi-religious and Multi-Ecclesial Milieu: An Indian Experience, International Conference,ACISE at Universite Saint Espritde Kaslik, Beirut, Lebanon, April 28 -30, 2011.

Convocation Address,Sakalya Course, Alphonsa Bhavan, Bangalore, March 4, 2011.

“St. Catherine of Siena ( 1347 -1380 ): The Impact of Catherine’s Mystical Experience on History,”International Conference, Mysticism Without Bounds, DVK, January 5 -8, 2011.

[2010] “New Trends in Research and Higher Education,” ACTS Academy, Bangalore, September 16, 2010.

“Fundamentalism and Terrorism from the Christian Perspective,”Indian National seminar, “Emergence of Fundamentalism and Terrorism in the Indian Context,” Calicut, June18-19, 2010

“Academic YearInaugural Address,” Darsana Institute of Philosophy, Wardha, Jume 14, 2010.

“The Role of the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life in the Pastoral– Missionary Endeavours of the Syro-Malabar Church,” One day seminar, Poornodaya,Bhopal, for the North-Indian Major Superiors of the Syro-Malabar Church,February 13, 2010.

“The Role of the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life in the Pastoral-Missionary Endeavours of the Syro-Malabar Church,” One day seminar,Mount St Thomas, Kakkanad, Kerala, January 9, 2010.  Participants: Men-women Major Superiors ofthe Syro-Malabar Church South India.

[2009] “Christianity in India: Challenges and Prospects,” at ECC, Bangalore for St Olaf College students, USA, November 2009.

“Daughters of the Lord at the service of the Church and the State: A Medieval Case Study with special reference to Countess Matilda of Tuscany and St Catherine of Siena,” NationalSeminar, Feminine Identity in the Church:Promises and Challenges, organized Marymatha Seminary, Thrissur, August2009.

2009, presented paper on the Western Impact on the St Thomas Christians with Special Reference to the Synod of Diamper’

[2007] “From Colonization to Romanization: The Synod of Diamper and St Thomas Christians,” International Seminar, History of Early Christianity in Asia, Chennai,January 14-16, 2007.

[2004] “Dalit Problem Among the St Thomas Christians,” CHAI, Southern Branch Meeting, Chennai, January 15-17, 2004.

[2003] “Malabar Migration and CMI Congregation,” National Seminar, Migration, Tellicherry October 27-30, 2003.

“Malayalee Migration to Bangalore,” National Seminar, Migration, Tellicherry, October 27-30, 2003.

[2002] “St Thomas Christians and Dalit Question,” Seminar, Dalits, November28-30, 2002, Bangalore.

[2002] “Mar Thoma Ito Mar Thoma VI,” Seminar,Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue, Spirituality Centre, Kottayam. 2002 October 17,

[2001] “Documentson Archival Material in Dharmaram Library and Archives,” Seminar, Mt. St Thomas, January 24-26,2001.

[1997] “MarAbraham: The Last Persian Bishop in Malabar,” CHAI, Southern Branch Meeting,Karnataka Theological College, 1997, October 16-18.
2.Conferences Attended

[2012] Missionary Contributions to South India, Conference, 15-17 May, 2012, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram.

God of Life: Lead us to Justice and Peace, South Asia Seminar, WCC and ECC, held at ECC,Bangalore, 24-25, April 2012

2012, March 20: Convocation address, at Sannyasa, Institute of Consecrated Life, Bangalore.

Catechetical Renewal: Pastoral Challenges and Theological Response, National Seminar, MMI College of Theology, Chennai, 18 February 2012,

Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct, National level Christian leaders consultation, ECC, BTESSC, EFI, TCWEA and IFC, Bangalore, February29-2 March 2012

2012, February 8-11: Attended Senate of Serampore meeting, Dehradun.

[2011] “Portuguese and the Dutchin Maritime Malabar with Special Reference to Cochin- International seminar,Pala, Kottappuram and Kochi, 9-12, December 2011

St Thomas Christians and Evangelization- National Seminar, Dharmaram VidyaKshetram, 22-24, November 2011

Theological Education in a Pluralistic Society, conference, 12th General Assembly of COCTI (Conference of Catholic Theological Institutions), Pune, 1-4, November2011

Towards a Strong Global Economic System, Revealing the Logic of Gratuitousness in the Market Economy- International Colloquium at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram & Christ University, Bangalore, India, 25-29 Oct 2011

15th CHAI Triennial 2011, Conference,October 6-9: Church History Association of India (CHAI), Hyderabad.

Indian Christian Cultural Heritage- National Conference at CHAI, Jeevan Jyothi, Hyderabad

 2011, October 6-9,

Missionary Foundations of Indian Renaissance, International Seminar, 22-24 September, 2011

Vasco da Gama Research Institute of Cochin

Dal Mediterraneneo al Mar della Cina, International Conference at Fondazione Ambrosiana Paolo VI, Villa Cagnoladi Gazzada, Milan, Italy, 6-10, September 2011