Name  : Pallikunnel Geo, CMI

Email   : pallikunnelcmi at hotmail dot com

Phone  : 08041116209

About Me

Institute/Faculty Faculty of Theology
SpecializationEastern Liturgy
AddressDharmaram College,
Bangalore, 560029

Academic Qualification

Post-Graduate andDoctoral Studies:

ThDTheology. Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome.

L.Sc.E.O.Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome.

Licentiatein Theology DVK, Bangalore.


Undergraduate Studies

Bachelorof Theology, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore

Bachelorof Philosophy, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore

Bachelorof Arts M.G. University, Kottayam


Teaching Experienc

Faculty of Theology, DVK,Bangalore

Courses Taught

1. UndergraduateLevel





Academic Responsibilities

Animator,III BTh

ProgrammeCoordinator, LTh, Eastern Theology

ManagingEditor, Dharmaram Journals


1. Books

[2009] Elevation to the Divine State ThroughHoly Qurbana, Excerptaex Dissertatione ad Doctoratum, Romae 2009.

[2009] The Way of Life, ed. with P.Kochappilly and J. Kureethara, Bangalore 2011.


2. Research Articles

[2012]“Celebration and Theology of the Feast of Denha among St. Thomas Christians,”in Andrews Mekkattukunnel et al., ed., Mar Thoma Margam: The EcclesialHeritage of the St. Thomas Christians, Kottayam 2012, 337-345.

[2011]“The Descending and Ascending Dimensions of Liturgy”, in The Way of Life,ed. with P. Kochappilly and J. Kureethara, Bangalore 2011, 177-194.

[2010]“The Mystery of Resurrection:  An Enquiryinto the Writings of Prof. Varghese Pathikulangara, CMI”, Asian Horizons,4.2 (Dec., 2010), 428-440.

[2000]“Signing (rusma) in the Sacrament of Initiation,” in P. KOCHAPPILLY,ed., The Folly of the Cross,Festschrift in honour of Prof. Dr. VarghesePathikulangara CMI, Bangalore, 2000, 240-262

[1997]“Integration and Deification through Holy Qurbana,” Christian Orient,18, 3 (1997), 107-131.

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