Name  : Mullooparampil Sebastian CMI

Email   : smulloo at hotmail dot com

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About Me

SpecializationBiblical Theology
AddressDharmaram College,
Bangalore, 560029

Academic Qualification

Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies
2005: ThD St Thomas Aquinas University Rome
2001: Licentiate in Sacred Scripture, Biblicum, Rome.

Undergraduate Studies
1990-1993: Bachelor of Theology, JDV Pune
1986-1989: Bachelor of Arts (Economics), St Joseph’s College Devagiri
1984-1986: Bachelor of Philosophy, Dharmaram College Bangalore

Teaching Experienc

2005- Residential Staff, DVK
2003-2004: Visiting Staff, DVK
1989-1990: Teacher, Silver Hills English School

Courses Taught

1. Undergraduate Level
Biblical Greek
Synoptic and Gospel of Mark
Gospel of Matthew
Gospel of Luke
Pauline Theology for SD Sisters

2. Licentiate and Post-Graduate Levels
Biblical Greek
Exegetical Study of Mk 14-15
Exegetical Study of Mt 5-7

Academic Responsibilities

2012: Director, DIL (Dharmaram Institute for Languages)
2009: Priest-in-Charge Mary Matha Church, Koramangala   
2009: Program Coordinator, Systematic Theology   
2010-2012: Spiritual Father, Scholastics
2008-2009: Controller of Examinations, DVK
2007-2009: Managing Editor, Asian Horizons
1999-2005: Assistant Parish Priest in Jesus of Nazareth Parish, Rome
1994-1997: Retreat Preacher in Thaliparamba
1993-1994: Asst. Parish priest in Kodenchery


1. Books
[2012] Mullooparambl S., (ed), Thiruvachanam Thirunalukalil, Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2012. 
[2011] Mullooparambil S., Macro Structure of Matthew’s Gospel, Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2011.
[2009] Mullooparambil S., (ed.), The Word of God and Biblical Personalities, Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2009.
[2007] Mullooparambil S., Messianic Rejection and Matthean Redaction: A Study of the Temple Cleansing in Mt 21:12-17, Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2007.
[2005] Mullooparambil S., Jesus in the Temple: A Redaction Critical Study of Mt 21:12-17, Pontificia Studiorum Universitas A.S. Thoma St Thomas Acquinas University Rome Aq. in Urbe, Rome, 2005, doctoral dissertation.

2. Research Articles
[2012] Mullooparambil S., “Core Values in the Sermon on the Mount,” Indian Journal of Spirituality 25 (2012) 22-36.
Mullooparambil S., “Message and Witness of John the Baptist,” Jeevadhara 42 (2012) 138-148.
[2011] Mullooparambil S., “Christ Centred and Word Based Formation,” in The Way of Life (Kottayam:  Denha Services 2011) 431-443.
Mullooparambil S., “History in the Synoptics,” Jeevadhara 41 (2011) 120-136.
[2010] Mullooparambil S., “Priesthood in the Letter to the Hebrews,” Jeevadhara 40 (2010) 122-131.
[2009] Mullooparambil S., “Saving Word in Second Isaiah,” in The Word of God and Biblical Personalities, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2009.
Mullooparambil S., “The Flight of Jonah and the Might of Yahweh: Word as Sword in the Book of Jonah,” in The Word of God and Biblical Personalities, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2009.
Mullooparambil S., “Ten Commandments for a Good Family Life in Pauline Perspective,” Jeevadhara 39 (2009) 147-160.
Mullooparambil S., “Reflections on Maundy Thursday,” in ed. M. Manickathazhe, Holy Week Reflections, Calicut: Chavara Publications, 2009.
[2008] Mullooparambil S., “Call and Challenge of St Peter,” Jeevadhara 38 (2008) 126-140.
[2007] Mullooparambil S., “Jesus’ Liberative Approach to Jewish Law and Religion,” Journal of Dharma 32 (2007) 257-274.
Mullooparambil S., “Globalization,” Jeevadhara 37 (2007) 108-120.
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