Name  : Kalayil Thomas, CMI

Email   : thomaskakayilcmi at gmail dot com

Phone  : 08041116249

About Me

Institute/Faculty Faculty of Theology
SpecializationSacred Scripture Biblical Theology
AddressDharmaram College,
Bangalore, 560029

Academic Qualification

Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies

1973: PhD in Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Doctoral Dissertation:  “Christ’s Work of Redemption according to St.Ephrem Undergraduate Studies”

1967-1969: Licentiate in Sacred Scripture,Pont. Biblical Institute, Rome

1966-1967: Pre-doctoral Course at Pont.Gregorian University

1965-1966: Licentiate in Theology at Pont.Gregorian University, Rome


Undergraduate Studies

1962-1965: Bachelor of Theology, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore

1959-1962: Bachelor of Philosophy, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram,Bangalore

Teaching Experienc

1973-1982: Faculty of Theology, Dharmaram College, Bangalore

1982-2007: Visiting Faculty of Theology,DVK, Bangalore

2007- Faculty of Theology, DVK, Bangalore

-: Kristu Jyoti College, Bangalore

-: Vidya Deep, Bangalore

-: Sandesanilayam, Changanacherry

-: Mar Thoma Vidya Niketan, Changanacherry,

-: Amala Theological College, Changanacherry

-: Missionary Orientation Centre, Kottayam

-: Vijnananilayam Institute of Philosophy and Religion,Eluru,AndhraPradesh.

Courses Taught

1. Undergraduate Level

Introduction to Sacred Scripture


Wisdom Literature




Different topics in St. Ephrem’s Theology


2. Licentiate and Post-Graduate Levels



3. Research Guidance (Doctoral Thesis)


Academic Responsibilities

2008- Spiritual Director

2007-2008: Section Master of Students

2002-2005: Prior, St.Joseph’s Monastery, Mannanam, the first houseor Mother House of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate

2002-2005: Parish Priest, St. Joseph’s Parish, Mannanam

2000-2001: Rector of CMI Minor Seminary, Chethipuzha

1999-2002: Provincial Councillor and Vicar Provincial with the Portfolioof Pastoral Ministry & Evangelization

1978-1981: Controller of Examinations

1982-1984: Rector of CMI Minor Seminary, Mannanam

1984-1994: Rector of CMI Minor Seminary, Chethipuzha

1978-1990: Provincial Councillor and Vicar Provincial with the Portfolio of Education.

1973-1975: Academic Secretary (Registrar)

1975-1982: Section Master of Students