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About Me

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SpecializationPhilosophy of Science, Science and Religion
AddressDharmaram College,
Bangalore, 560029

Academic Qualification

Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies
1998: PhD in Philosophy, Leuven, Belgium. Thesis: “The Comparison and contrast between the Copenhagen and David Bohm’s Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics”
1993: Master of Philosophy, Leuven, Belgium. Thesis: “The Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics”.
1991: Master of Philosophy, DVK.  Thesis: "Dimension s of Reality - The Philosophy of Physics of David Bohm”

Undergraduate Studies
1987: Bachelor of Theology,
1983: Bachelor of Science (Physics)
1980: Bachelor of Philosophy

CTNS- Science and Religion Course Award for Science and Religion, 2000
Local Societies Initiative Supplemental grant Prize ($10,000) as Chairman of Bangalore Forum For Science and Religion awarded in 2003 and 2004 from a group of 200 Local Society Initiatives World Wide.

Teaching Experienc

1992: Department of Philosophy, DVK
Paurasthya Vidya Peedam, Vadavathoor, Kerala, India
St. Joseph’s Seminary, Mangaloor, Karnataka, India
Christ Nagar IMS Philosophate, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
SVD Philosophate, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
St. Antony’s Friary Philosophate, Bangalore, India
CRI – Vidyadeep College, Bangalore, India
The Retreat, Salesian Philosophate, Yerkad, Tamilnadu, India
1999: Visiting Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, Kerala

Courses Taught

1. Undergraduate Level
Philosophy of Science and Nature
Modern Philosophy
Ancient Philosophy
Science and Religion
History of Philosophy
Philosophy of Journalism

2. Licentiate and Post-Graduate Levels
Quantum Holism to Cosmic Holism
Brain, Mind and Artificial Intelligence
Search for Unity and Interconnectedness
A meeting point between Science and Religion
Space, Time and Space-time in Science, Philosophy and Religion
Matter, life and Mind: A Continuum, Philosophy of Biotechnology

Academic Responsibilities

1998- Lecturer of Physics, Ratcliffe College, Leicester, UK
1998- Bangalore Forum for Science and Religion
1999- Spiritual Director, St Sebastian's Welfare Association, Bangalore
2000: Organiser, Science-Humanity National Summit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
2005- Member, Catholic Bishops Conference of India, Commission for Interreligious Dialogue,
2006-2007: Director of the Master’s Degree Programme, DVK   
2002-2003: Founder President, Sigmaxi, McGill Bangalore Montreal Chapter
2002-2004: Director Board Member, Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore
1999-2006: Registrar Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore                   
1999-2006: Director of the Centre for the Studies of World Religions, DVK
1999-2005: Founder Chairman, Bangalore Forum for Science and Religion, Bangalore
1984-1992: Correspondent, Deepika Daily, Bangalore
1983-1984: Science Editor, Deepika Daily, Kottayam
Associate Editor, Editorial Board Omega, Journal of Science and Religion Quarterly, Aluva,  Kerala, India  2002 –2009.
Editorial Board, Journal of Dharma, Quarterly, Bangalore – 2005.-present.           
Children’s Digest, Monthly, in charge of Science and Religion, 1999-2009.           


1. Books

[2012] Navajeevasadhana, Eastern, Indian, Christian Spirituality.

[2011] Ascent to Truth: The Physics, Philosophy and religion of Galileo Galilei.

[2008] Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Holism to Cosmic Holism, The Physics and Metaphysics of David Bohm, Global vision Publications.

[2004] From Warpath to Wholeness: The Condemnation and Rehabilitation of Galileo, Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore.

[2000] Philosophy of Physics, Anmol Publications, Delhi,.

[1988] Second World War,  Janata Books (Malayalam)

[1987] The Wonders of the Sky, Pala: Deepanalam.
2. Research Articles

[2012] “Faith’s Encounter with Science,” Eastern Journal of Dialogue and Culture (January-June2012) 44-67.

[2011] “Holistic Account of Reality: Necessity of an Integration of Science and Religion for the Better Future of Humanity,” Journal of Dharma (2011) 123-148.

[2010] “The Quantum Dynamics of Faith: The Resolution of the Jesus of History and Christ of Faith in terms of the Principle of Uncertainty,” Third Millennium (2010) 36-58.
“Birth, Growth and Future Prospects of The Syro Malabar Church, Bangalore,” Journal of St. Thomas Christians (2010) 53-78.

[2008] “Francis Acharya and Kurisumala: An Integration of Western Monasticism, Syrian Liturgy and the Indian Sanyasa,” Asian Horizon, Vol. 2, No.1 (June 2008).

[2007] “Bohmian Mechanics: An Alternative to the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum mechanics,” Academic studies, National Journal of Jyoti Research Academy (March, 2007) 9-19.

[2006] “Rituals in New Religious Movements in India,” Journal of Dharma, (2006), 365-375
“Biotechnology-Hope or Horror?,” Dharma Deepika  (June, 2006) 65-84.
“Artificial Intelligence; Created in the Image of Brain,” (85-126) Together Towards Tomorrow, Kuruvila Pandikattu, (ed.) ASSR, 2006.
“Science and Religion – Towards Convergence”, Festschrift for Dr. M.J. Joseph, 2006.

[2005] “Science and technology in Ancient and Medieval India, The Candle, Moscow, 2005.
“Biotechnology and Motherhood”, Jeevadhara, January 2005.

[2004] “Review of the teaching of Philosophy in Asia from the Intercultural Point of View”, (89-108), Interculturality, Gender and Education, Raul Fornet-Betancourt (ed), Frankfurt, 2004.
“Swami Nityachaitany Yati, Deepika, (5th Anniversary of the Death of this influential philosopher Interreligious Monk)”, Weekend Edition, 2004.

[2003] “Science and Technology in Ancient and Medieval India”, Maritime Malabar and the Europeans 1500-1962, K. S. Mathew (ed) Hope India Publication, Gurgaon, India, 2003.

[2001] “Towards a Cosmological Eschatology”, Christian Leadership, Antony Kalliath (ed), Dharmaram Publications, 2001.
“Sr. Clare: A brush in the hand of the Lord”, Third Millennium, (June, 2001).

[1999] “Exhuming Stories of Valour”, Deccan Herald, Weekend Edition, (July,1999).
Editorials for DVK Bulletins (4 issues) from 1999-present

[1998] “Religion, Science and Culture: Anknupungspunkte with the Reality”, Religion and Society, June 1998.
“Onam - A symbol of Sacrifice”, United Theological College Annual, Bangalore, 1998.

3. Other Works

[2012] “The Consciousness of Christ: Dharma,Jnana and Karma – A Continuum”, Sathyadeepam, (18April, 2012)
“Hawking, Dawkins and Science and Religion”, Sathydeepam, (11, January 2012)
“Hawking, Dawkins and Science and Religion”, Sathydeepam, (18, January 2012)

[2007] “Brhmabandhab Upadhyay: An Unparalleled Paradigm for the Indigenization of the Church, editorial, Third Millennium, (January-March, 2007).

Participation in Conference

1. Paper Presentation
[2008] “Religion and Science in Dialogue down the Centuries – Bioethical Issues in College Campuses,” Asian Centre for Cross Cultural Studies, Chennai, 20-23 November, 2008.
“Missionary Approaches in the Catholic Church,” Meeting of the representatives of World Council of Churches, ECC, 6 October, 2008.
“Indian Economy, Industry, Religions, Spirituality and Culture,” a series of lectures gave on board The Scholarship, a University Ship with 300 students and 50 Professors travelled from Bangkok to Chennai, Jan 30-Feb 8, 2008.

[2007] “The Spiritual Dimension of Indian Culture,” Boston College, Boston, USA, 4 December, 2007.
“Indian Christianity,” St. Thomas University, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 17-19 November, 2007.
Hindu Renaissance in India, School of Divinity, Harvard University, Harvard, Boston, USA, 12 November, 2007.
“Intercultural and Interreligious Tourism,” Indo-German Business Meet, Bonn, 19-22, June 2007.
“Globalisation of Spirituality,” Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, June, 2007.
“Cultures and Religions of India,” Faculty of Theology, Aristotle’s University, Thessalonika, May, 2007.
“Matter, Life Mind: A continuum,” Robert Bosch Ltd, Bosch India, Bangalore, 22, February, 2007.

[2006] “Science, Christianity and Other Religion,” Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, September, 2006.
“More ingredients for a Salad Bowl,” Sitear International Conference, India, August, 2006.
“Science, Philosophy and Religion,” Bosch, India, August, 2006.
“Religious Consciousness in India,” Theology and Religious Studies European Association, Uppsala, Sweden, April, 2006.
“Indian Religions and their Outreach to the West,” Jagillonian University, Poland, June. 2006.
“Science and Religion, Christianity and Science,” Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India, September, 2006, 2005.

[2005] “New Religious Movements,” Chavara International Centre for Indian and Interreligious Studies, Sacramento, California, USA, October, 2005.
“Science of Yoga, Transcending Religions,” University of New York, Oneonta, USA, October, 2005.
“Matter. Life, Mind – A continuum,” Joint Faculties Meeting between DVK & St. Peter’s Pontifical Athenaeums, Bangalore, India, September, 2005.

[2004] “Biotechnology and Motherhood,” (Key Note Address) University of Madras, India, December, 2004.
“The Condemnation and rehabilitation of Galileo,” Metanexus Institute Annual Local Societies Initiative, International Conference, Philadelphia, USA, June, 2004.
“Religious Consciousness of India,” University of Leuven, Belgium, May, 2004.
“India’s Contribution to Spirituality,” University of Nijmegan, Netherlands, May, 2004.
“Indian Religions: An Appraisal,” University of Potsdam, Berlin, April, 2004.

[2003] “Intercultural Philosophy: From an Indian Perspective,” Pablo Olivade University, Seville, Spain, 2003.
“New Religious Movements and its Impact,” Faculty of Theology, University of Leuven, Belgium, March, 2003.

[2002] “Human Face of Science and Technology,” Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore, India, May, 2002.

[2001] “The Primacy of Reason in the Faith formation for Contemporary times,” DVK Silver Jubilee Celebrations, September, 2001.
“Science and Religion,” Indian Philosophical Association, Bangalore, Indian, October, 2001.

[2000] “Cosmos, Church and Galileo,” Discussion with Prof. Owen Gingrich, Smithsonian Astronomer, Harvard University, Boston, USA, July 2000.
“Complementary Nature of Science and Religion,” Centre for Theology and Natural Sciences, Chicago, USA, June 2000.
“Interpretational Problems in Quantum Mechanics,” Refresher course, University Grants Commission, Bangalore, August, 2000.
“Structure of Matter,” National College, Bangalore, December 2000.
“Science, Faith, Technology,” Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore, June 2000.

[1999] “Foundational Problems in Quantum Mechanics,” Refresher Course for Scientists Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, Kerala, February 1999.
“Interaction between Science and Religion,” Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore, May 1999.
“Philosophical Foundations for a New World Order,” Sacred Heart Seminary, Chennai, January 1999
“Miracles and Science,” Atmodaya, DVK, Bangalore, December 1999.