Library:Rules and Regulations

Membership: All students of DVK are provisionally the members of DVK Central Library. After getting the DVK Identity Card, they can confirm their library membership. In the normal case the membership will expire with the completion of the respective course.
Admission: Without identity card, users are not allowed in the Research Area. The users are not supposed to transfer their ID Cards.
Lending: A student may borrow 4 books at a time. A book is issued for a period of two weeks, which can be re-issued once, if no one else demands it. Subsequent renewals will be allowed only after an interval of three days. A fine of 50 paise per book, per day will be collected from students who fail to return the books on due dates. Reference Books, Thesis, Reserved Books, Books in the Professors’ Library, New Arrivals and Periodicals should not be taken out of the Library. Library books are not to be taken out of Bangalore. All books should be returned before the commencement of vacation. The special permission of the Librarian is required to retain a book during vacation.
Silence: In general, moderate silence is to be maintained in all areas of the Central Library. The users have to keep absolute silence in the Research Area. After entering to the Access Control Door nobody is supposed to use mobile phone or any sound making gadgets/equipments.

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