Duration: 3 years

BA Philosophy (Honours)

Department of Philosophy

Christ University

The Bachelor ofPhilosophy (Honours) degree course is offered by the Department of Philosophyat Christ University with a view to introduce students both to the history ofphilosophy and various systems of philosophy from an Indian and Western pointsof view. An introduction into the philosophical discipline aims at equippingstudents to familiarise themselves with the development of systematic thinkingthat had been bequeathed to humanity.


TheDepartment of Philosophy aims at an integral development of students. Hence,along with the core philosophical subjects, it offers two subsidiary subjects,i.e., English Literature and Psychology, along with philosophy. As these twocourses are offered along with philosophy (major), instruction and evaluationof all courses pertaining to English Literature and Psychology will becompleted in the first two years (i.e., first four semesters), and the finalyear (i.e., fifth and sixth semesters) would be completely dedicated to thelearning of the core philosophical subjects. That is, this honours programme isdesigned in such a way that the specialisation in philosophy will besupplemented by sufficient introduction into English Literature and Psychology.

A student who successfully completes this honoursprogramme in philosophy will be competent to handle subtle issues pertaining tohuman existence and to acquire abilities of critical thinking in view ofenabling him to lead a qualitatively enhanced life, which, in turn, would makehim competent to contribute the development of the society at large. The firsttwo years of introduction into English Literature and Psychology wouldsupplement philosophy in view of providing a more sublime and holistic trainingin human thought and living.


Eligibility for BA Philosophy (Honours)

A pass in Plus Two orHigher Secondary School Examination or its equivalent is the basic criterionfor admission to BA Philosophy (Honours) degree programme.

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