Duration: 3 years


This is a graduate programme for a period of threeyears with both Indian and Western philosophies as main subjects and EnglishLiterature and Psychology as subsidiary subjects. The minimum academicqualification for admission to this programme is PDC/PUC/Higher Secondary.  Students are admitted to this course onlyafter they pass an entrance test for English, which is conducted three timesbefore the beginning of each academic year.


Credit System: The length and weightage of a courseare determined by the credit it carries. One credit is 20 hours or their equivalent.  Accordingly, a course of 60 hours will havethree credits; a subsidiary course or an elective with 40 hours has twocredits.  A tutorial is estimated to havetwo credits because of two sessions with the tutor and personal efforts putinto it.  The Thesis carries threecredits.  The degree course and the basiccourse will be distinguished mainly on the basis of credits.  As a rule, 141 credits are to be obtained toqualify for the BPh degree; of these, 82 will be for philosophy subjects, 16credits for English Literature, 17 credits for Psychology, and 14 credits forlanguages. There are 12 credits allocated for add-on courses, which are notmerit oriented. The optional courses include electives, interdisciplinaryseminars, and tutorials (on classics in philosophy).  In the following list, the number of creditsfor each optional course is given in Arabic numerals and the semester in whichthey are offered in Roman numbers.


  Bachelor of Philosophy

Name of the Courses Credit Main/Subsidiary
1. Systematic Philosophy (SP)
SP 01 Introduction to Philosophy 1 main
SP 02 Formal Logic 3 main
SP 03 Philosophy of Being 3 main
SP 04 Philosophy of God and Religion 3 main
SP 05 Philosophy of Human Person and Philosophy of Mind 3 main
SP 06 Philosophy of Knowledge 3 main
SP 07 Philosophy of Nature and Science 3 main
SP 08 Normative Ethics 3 main
SP 09 Social Ethics 3 main
2. History of Eastern Philosophies (HE)
HE 01 Sruti in Indian Philosophy 3 main
HE 02 Smrti in Indian Philosophy 3 main
HE 03 Systems of Indian Philosophy 3 main
HE 04 Contemporary Indian Philosophy 3 main
HE 05 Fundamentals of Islam Philosophy and Sufism 3 sub
3. History of Western Philosophies (HW)
HW 01 Ancient Western Philosophy 3 main
HW 02 Medieval Western Philosophy 3 main
HW 03 Modern Western Philosophy 3 main
HW 04 Contemporary Western Philosophy 3 main
HW 05 Existentialism and Phenomenology 2 sub
4. Psychology and Social Sciences (PS)
PS 01 General Psychology 4 main
PS 02 Social Psychology 4 sub
PS 03 Developmental Psychology 3 sub
PS 04 Psychology Practicum 2 sub
PS 05 Theories of Personality and Abnormal Psychology 4 sub
PS 06 Philosophy of Social Involvement and Environmental Sciences 4 sub
PS 07 Philosophy of Subaltern Movements and Feministm 3 sub
PS 08 Philosophy of Beauty: East and West 2 sub
PS 09 Philosophy of Human Rights and Education 3 sub
5. Languages and Preliminaries (LP)
LP 01 Kannada I (Basic) 2 sub
LP 03 Sanskrit / Tamil (Basic) 3 sub
LP 04 Latin (Basic) 3 sub
LP 08 German/French 2 sub
LP 05 General English I 3 sub
LP 06 General English II 3 sub
LP 07 British Literature and Phonetics 4 sub
LP 08 American Literature and Academic Writings 4 sub
LP 09 Post-Colonial and Contemporary Indian Literature 4 sub
LP 10 Contemporary World Literature and Literary Criticism 4 sub
LP 08 Basics in Research Methodology 2 sub
LP 09 Methodology of Thesis Writing 2 sub
0 Computer Skill (Basic) 1 sub
LP 11 Literary and Cultural Activities 2 sub
LP 12 Holistic Education 1 sub
LP 13 Indian Constitution 1 sub
LP 14 Social Work 5 sub
6. Optionals and Thesis (OT)
OT 01 Elective 2 optional
OT 02 Interdisciplinary Seminar 2 optional
OT 03 Tutorial (Classics in Philosophy) 2 optional
OT 04 Thesis 3 main

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