Licentiate in Biblical Theology

Duration: 2 Years


Vision: Intensive training of mature theologians and teachers of the Bible,and guiding them through a process of critical and creative study andreflection on biblical texts in their dynamic contexts.


a.  Systematic and scientific reflection and understanding of biblicaltexts in their life contexts.

b.  Understanding the Bible in its historical, social, cultural, andreligious milieu.

c.  Training towards proficiency in exegetical-theological analysis ofbiblical texts.

d.  Preparing personnel for teaching in seminaries and other centres ofreligious education and formation.

e.  Helping the participants to acquire the ability to have an integralbiblical approach and vision of life.

f.   Promoting serious study andresearch on biblical texts in the Indian context.

Principal Courses:

a.  Biblical Hermeneutics: New Developments

b.  A Journey through Biblical Times and Archaeology

c.  Textual Criticism of the OT and NT

d.  Covenant Perspectives of Abraham Narratives

e.  Deuteronomy and Deuteronomistic Theology

f.   Prophet as Social Critic: Relevance of Propheticism in theContemporary Church

g.  An Exegetical Study of the Servant Songs in Isaiah

h.  Faith Response to Life Experiences

i.   An Exegetical and Theological Study of the Book of Job

j.   Miracles of Jesus: Contemporary Trends & Challenges

k.  Paul as a Pastoral Theologian in the Corinthian Church

l.   Metaphor of Yahweh-IsraelRelationship in Hosea

Optional Courses:

a.  Origin of Israel and Settlement Theories

b.  Compassion of God in the OT: A Lexicographical Analysis

c.  The Synoptic Problem

d.  Covenant and Ten Commandments

e.  Pauline Theology and the World of Christianity.

f. Scripture,Tradition, and the Teaching of the Church as the Source of Christian Ethics

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