Licentiate in Systematic Theology

Duration: 2 Years

Licentiate in Systematic Theology -2 Years

Vision: The Church is ever revitalized and reformed through the firm faith nurtured by a mature. Understanding of the Word of God as revealed and proclaimed for the salvation in the human context.


To promote systematic, critical and contextualized theological reflection through research and studies for effective proclamation of the Wordof God in globalized society, especially in the Asian and Indian contexts.

a.  To train personnel in theon-going quest for effective leadership and guidance in the Church in hervarious ministries.

b.  To prepare personnel for teaching theology in seminaries, theological institutes, Church-renewal centres, and other areas of teaching and shepherding ministry in the Church.

c.  Enabling and enhancing the upcoming generations for pastoral and teaching ministries by a contextualized,comprehensive and contemporary synthesis of various theological disciplines.

Christianity and Theological Developments:

a.  Biblical Theological Perspectives Today

b.  Theological Trends in the Fathers of the Church

c.  Scholastic Theologies and the Period of Reformation

d.  Modern and Post-Modern Theological Reflections

Theological Authors:

a.  Pauline Theology

b.  Early Christian Authors

c.  Medieval Authors

d.  Modern Authors

Systematic Theological Themes:

a.  The Person, Mission and Message of Christ forIndia and Asia

b.  Human Development and Theological Anthropology

c.  New Orientations in the Theology of Sacraments

d.  Theology and Economy of the Holy Spirit

e.  Liturgical Traditions and Christian Spirituality

f.   Scripture, Tradition and Teachings of the Church

Christian Theological Paradigms in Theological Reflection:

a.  History of Christianity and Theological Trends in India

b.  Syriac Christian Theology and the Asian Scenario

c.  Eastern Theology and Asian Christianity

d.  The Theology of the Church through the Centuries

e.  Problems and Prospects of an Indian Ecclesiology

f.   Theology of Evangelization in the Indian Context

g.  Biblical and Theological Hermeneutics and the Indian Realities

Contemporary and Contextual Issues:

a.  Theological Developments in Vatican Council II

b.  Theology of World Religions and the Religious Harmony

c.  Contemporary Trends in Ecumenism

d.  Indian Christian Art and Spirituality

e.  Indian Christian Theology and Inculturation in Liturgy

f.   Liberation Theologies

g.  Feminist Theology

h.  Dalit and Tribal Theology

i. Eco-Theology

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