Duration: 2 Years


1. Introduction: The two-year (four semesters) Licentiate in Theology, offered at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, gives the students opportunities to specialize in a particular area of theology, while, at the same time, itaims at providing a comprehensive and contemporary synthesis of various theological disciplines.  In accordance with the objectives and the on-going dimension of theologizing in the Indian context, Eastern and Indian inspirations, Religious Pluralism, Oriental Churches,new trends in theological discussions and contemporary thinking on the theology of mission, current issues in Moral Theology, Bio-Medical Ethics characterizethe LTh Programme offered in this Institute.

2. Objectives: The goal of the LTh Programme is to train the students in scientific research and to prepare them to give theological courses in seminaries and in centres of higher religious education and also to perform functions that demand higher theological competence. The LTh programme consists, therefore, of lectures, tutorial courses, seminars, written assignments, practical exercises and a scientifically prepared thesis. It offers the students ample opportunities for private study and personal work under the guidance of competent teachers and also personal training for self-expression. The Master’s Degree in Theology that is granted at the end of the successful completion of this programme qualifies the students for admission to Doctorate in Theology in all Ecclesiastical Faculties of Theology allover the world.

3. The Programme:

a.  Fourteen Principal Courses (14x 2 = 28)

b.  Four Optional Courses (4x 2 = 8)

c.  Two Seminars (2x2  =  4)

d.  Two Tutorials ((2x2 = 4)

e.  One Field Study (3)

f.   One Research Paper (3)

g.  Thesis and Defence (5)

h.  Comprehensive Viva Voce Examination

4. Areas of Specialization:

There are three major areas of specialization currently available at the DVK:

a.  Biblical Theology

b.  Systematic Theology

c.  Moral Theology

d.  Eastern Christian Studies

e.  Formative Spirituality and Counselling

f.   Missiology.

Accordingly, courses will be offered in the areas of specialization.

5. Requirements for Admission:

For admission to the LTh programme the applicant should have a degree of Bachelor of Theology with overall high second class and first class in the area of specialization. An applicant who has successfully completed theological studies in institutes other than Catholic seminaries and has secured at least a high second class in the examinations will be permitted to sit for a qualifying examination, the modality of which is decided by the BPS. An additional semester may also be insisted upon. All applicants must be below forty years of age.

6. Registration:

a.  Registration for the LTh programme can be done at the beginning of first semester.  Each student shall specify his/her area of specialization before the course begins.

b.  In organizing and conducting their studies the students shall consult the LTh Programme Director.

c.  There shall be a record book in which the names of the courses, teachers, attendance, marks, etc. are to be recorded.  At the end of each semester it has to be handed over to the DVK office.

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