Duration: 2 years


The MA and Diploma programme are meant to prepare competent formators who can foster growth and wholeness in the adolescents and the youth entrusted to their care.  The specific objectives of the courses are as follows:

a)   To enhance the would-be formators to impart religious and Christian leadership

     training at Diocesan, Congregational, and parish levels.


b)   To promote a balanced blending of culture and faith, spirituality and psychology and

      academic and practical aspects, enriching and  equipping the future formators with the skills for more effective evangelization. 

c) To help them offer psycho-spiritual counselling to the individuals as well as group at schools, colleges, hospitals, and other institutions.

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MA Formative Spirituality and Counselling
First Semester
1. Dharmasadhanas: Eastern and Western: Perspective Prof. Dr. Cyriac Kanichai 45/3
2. Discipleship in the Gospels: Dr. Paul Savio Pudussery 45/3
3. Foundations of Human Behaviour: Fr. Thomas Parayil 45/3
4. Foundations of Human Development: Life Span Approach: Dr. Thomas Ambooken 45/3
5. Psycho-Spiritual Approaches to Formation: Dr. K. Perumpallikunnel & Dr. Sr. Theresa Purayidom 45/3
6. Theories of Counselling: Fr. Thomas Parayil 45/3
7. Psychological Testing I: Dr. Baiju Gopal 45/3
8. Inner Smile Meditations: Fr. Varghese Kotoor 30/2
Second Semester
1. Spiritual Guidance: Dr.Mathew Anatharackal & Dr. William Sequeira 45/3
2. Prayer Experiences in Bible: Dr. Joy P. Kakkanattu 30/2
3. Psychopathology: Dr. M. Maniampra, Dr. Varghese Kelamparampil 45/3
4. Foundations of Professional Counselling: Fr. Sahayaraj S. Santiago OFM Cap. 45/3
5. Psychological Testing II: Christ University Team 45/3
6. Formation in the Social Context: V. Kokkadan & Team 30/2
7. Satsang: Theology of Christian Community Life: Dr. M. Anatharackal 30/2
9. Group Counselling: Dr. Wilson, OFM Cap. 45/3
Third Semester
1. Eastern Christian Spirituality: Dr.T.Kollamparampil 30/2
2. Neuro-Linguistic Programme: Dr. Shirdi Prasad 30/2
3. Sexuality, Celibacy, and Intimacy: Dr. Shaji George Kochuthara 45/3
4. Psychometry: Dr. Baiju Gopal, and Team 45/3
5. Advanced Theories and Techniques in Counselling: Dr. Mathew Maniampra, Dr. Jose Thadavanal & Dr. Jini 45/3
6. Family Counselling: Dr. M. Maniampra, Fr. Thomas Parayil & Dr. Jini 45/3
7. Authority and Obedience: Dr. Jose Kuriedath30/2
8. Canonical Aspects in Formation: Dr. G. Thanchan 30/2
Fourth Semester
1. Pastoral Administration and Management: Dr. Jayanathan 30/2
2. Formation of Conscience: Dr. P. Kochappilly 20/1
3. Advanced Course in the Art of Spiritual Guidance: Dr. F. Menezes 30/2
4. The Franciscan Spirituality: Fr. Jerry Lobo 30/2
5. Counselling Practicum (Internship): Dr. M. Maniampra and T. J. Parayil 80/4
6. Comprehensive Written Examination (3 credits)
7. Thesis and Defence (3 credits)

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