Duration: 3 years


Admission Requirements:  For admissionto the degree of B.Th. the applicant shall have the degree of B.Ph. or shallhave completed the Diploma course in Philosophy offered at the DVK, or a twoyear course in Philosophy, either by devoting the major part of two years tothe academic study of philosophical subjects and subjects connected withphilosophy, such as anthropology, psychology, sociology and history of scienceor by covering the same subjects through a period extending beyond two years.The provision of doing the B.Th. with the one year Diploma course in Philosophyis applicable only for non-clerical students.

Bachelor of Theology Programme:

a)     It is a three year course (six semesters). Apart from the principal andsubsidiary subjects, ‘Comprehensive Written- and ‘Viva Vice- examinations in the 6th semester and theBiblical Theology ‘Viva Voce’ in the 4th semester, each student ofBTh is required to do the following:

b.  Three Optionals (only one Optional every year). Publication of aTheological Article under the guidance of a professor can be an alternative tothe Optional in the Third Year. Each optional merits one credit.

c.  Three Seminars (only one Seminar every year). Publication of areview of a theological book under the guidance of a professor can be analternative to the seminar in the third year. Each seminar merits two credits.

d.  Rural and Social Exposure Programme: II year Theology students haveto do “Rural and Social Exposure Programme” at the end of the first semester.They have to prepare a paper under the direction of the director, and presentthe same in the class. This programme carries two credits.

e.  Research Paper: Each candidatefor the degree of BTh is required to write a Research Paper in any area of theologicalreflection. The student selects the topic of the Research Paper and thedirector. They are to be approved by the Dean of the Faculty.  Once approved, the subject and the directorshould not be changed except with the permission of the Dean. The Registrationand Approval of the Research Paper should be done in the first semester of IIIBTh. The length of the Research Paper is a minimum of 12,000 words and maximumof 21,000 words.  The approved researchpaper by the respective directors have to be submitted to the DVK office in ahard copy as well as soft copy on the prescribed date.

Course Code: Name of the Courses Credit main/ Subsidiary
1. Sacred Scripture
BT01SIB Introduction to Biblical Studies 2 main
BT04STH Biblical and Theological Hermeneutics 2 sub
BT05SPH Pentateuch & Historical Texts 4 main
BT06STP Theology of Psalms 2 main
BT07SWL Wisdom Literature 3 main
BT08SPW Prophetic Writings 3 main
BT09SJW Johannine Writings 4 main
BT10SSG Synoptic Gospels 3 main
BT11SAL Acts and Luke 2 main
BT12SPT Pauline Theology + Catholic Epistles 4 main
2.Systematic Theology
Introduction to Theological Studies 2 sub
Revelation and Faith 3 main
Christology 3 main
Theology of the Church 3 main
Theology of Grace 3 main
Theology of Trinity 3 main
Theological Anthropology 3 main
Patristic Theology 3 main
Fundamentals of Eastern Theology 2 sub
Mariology 1 main
Theology of Sacraments 2 main
Theology of the Ordained Ministry 1 main
Eschatology 1 main
Theology of Pastoral Ministry 2 sub
Theology of Spiritual Life 2 sub
Theology of Christian Mission 2 sub
Indian-Christian Theology 3 sub
Catechetics 2 sub
Ecumenism 1 sub
Theology of World Religions 2 ub
Theology of the Eucharist 2 main
3.Moral Theology
Fundamental Moral Theology I 3 main
Fundamental Moral Theology II 2 main
Theology of Justice 2 main
Theology of Sexuality and Marriage 3 main
Bio-Medical Ethics 3 main
Sacrament of Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick 2 main
4.Sacred Liturgy
Introduction to Liturgy 3 main
Eucharistic Liturgy (Oriental) 3 main
Eucharistic Liturgy (Latin) 2 main
Liturgy and Christian Life 3 main
5.Canon Law
Introduction to Canon Law 2 main
Law in the Life of People of God 3 main
Law in the Pastoral-Missionary Life of the Church 2 main
Marriage Law in CIC and CCEO 2 main
6.Church History
Ancient Church History 3 main
Indian Church History 2 main
Medieval, Modern and Contemporary 3 main
7. Languages
Biblical Hebrew 2 sub
Biblical Greek 2 sub
Latin 2 sub
Syriac 2 sub

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