Dharmaram Institute of Languages (DIL)

Director: Dr. Augustine Thottakara, CMI
Associate Director: Dr. Benny Tharakunnel
Email: athottakara at gmail dot com
Tel: 080-41116104

Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, a Pontifical Athenaeum, has been in the forefront to provide quality higher education in the domain of ecclesiastical disciplines. As deeper learning and specialization in various subjects call for familiarization of the scholars in different languages, DVK has established the Dharmaram Institute of Languages (DIL). It offers basic as well as advanced courses in classical and modern languages, which are open to interested students from DVK and other educational institutions. As language is a basic tool for the training in any academic discipline, DVK believes in offering ongoing quality training in different languages with an earnest hope that language skills would finally contribute towards the better academic performance and quality enhancement in the future ministries undertaken by its candidates
DVK offers these courses as it has got both the required infrastructures and qualified professors to offer effective training to the candidates.
If any particular group or institution is interested to conduct specific languages courses, DIL would provide customized programmes based on the demand

Programme 2011-2012

Classical Languages:

1. Latin (Levels: I, II, III, and IV) Dr. James M. Pampara CMI
2. Greek (Levels: I, II, and III) Dr. S. Mullooparampil CMI
Fr. Benny Nalkara CMI
3. Hebrew (Levels: I, II, and III) Dr. Joy Philip Kakkanattu CMI
4. Syriac (Levels:I, II, and III) Dr. Thomas Kalayil CMI,
Dr. T. Kollamparampil CMI
Dr. G. Pallikunnel CMI
5 Sanskrit (Levels: I, II, III and IV) Dr. A. Thannippara CMI
Dr. Jojo Parecattil CMI

Modern Languages:

English (Advanced) German (Levels: I, II, III and IV) Dr. Alex Thannippara CMI
Dr. Joy Philip Kakkanattu CMI &
Dr. James M. Pampara CMI
Italian (Levels: I, II, and III) Dr. Joy Philip Kakkanattu CMI &
Dr. Cherian Thunduparampil CMI
French (Levels: I, II and III)

Evening Course (Part Time):

English, German & Italian

Summer Courses (Full Time):

English, German & Italian (Intensive training programme for one month)